Unable to log in to SCII Battlenet down for maintenance

Hi every time I try to connect to my game I have an error displaying that the Battlenet servers are down and I’m not able to log in can you please help me solve this issue it’s been a while but I would love to play again

By chance, is the region selector set to the PTR?

Not sure, the only thing I can see is an XX-07 not PTR, so no idea how to handle this kind of error

On the game launcher, just above the “Play” button, there is a dropdown. Is it set to the PTR, or the live game?

Hey Salomon,

XX-07 is a PTR server. To fix this:

  1. In the Battle.net app click on the Options cog wheel (next to Play)
  2. Select Show in Explorer, open the Starcraft II folder
  3. Find Starcraft II Public Test.exe and delete it
  4. Launch Starcraft II again via the Play button

Thanks that was the solution to my problems! I really appreciate the help!

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