Tychus masteries and enemy unit composition question

Greetings fellow players,

As a player coming back from hiatus who just bought Tychus, I have a couple of questions.

  1. What exactly is a Tri-Outlaw Research improvement ? Does it boost research from engineering bay and by how much?

  2. What is the hardest enemy unit comp for you as Tychus players? For me personally I have a hard time dealing with Sky Terran in general, especially the ones on Mobius train.

Edit: reading a bit about this weekly mutation and not knowing 90% of existing mutators, which ones do you insta quit when you see them as Tychus? :weary:

It adds a bonus to the three class specific research from Engineering Bay. Muscle health and Guns attack speed (at max mastery) goes up from 25% to 40% and the detection radius for Fixers is increased by 15%.

I see, that seems like a hefty bonus. Thank you for explaining it. So, is it worth picking that over outlaw ready time?

Check out Starcraft2coop’s Tychus guide here https://starcraft2coop.com/commanders/tychus

Mastery set 2 for Tychus is relatively low impact, and outlaw availability is rather niche for some situations where you want to get them out ASAP. So generally Tri-Outlaw Research Improvement mastery is the go-to.

Use Vega. Sky Terran is a joke if you use Vega. Just Mind Control the BCs, and you have nothing to deal with.

And use Shredder Grenade on the Banshees and Liberators. EZPZ.

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Or Sirius, with his upgrades and turrets he can easily take care of air units. The fear effect is also nice.
Also, while it not might work on trains’ escorts because they are spread, against attack waves (no matter the comp) you can always use the classic “Tychus grenade with Implosion Core upgrade and Nux’s Ultrasonic Pulse”.

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I’d say so. I usually run around with Tychus, Sam and Sirius for most of the game so I don’t get much out of availability.

I mean Sirius is one of the outlaws I ALWAYS have anyway. Vega is one I don’t always use.

I think the worst for Tychus is the one with oracle+tempest. 20 oracles smash any outlaw within a second, and 10 tempest from very long range if concentrate their fire on the same outlaw that one’s dead in a second as well.

You mind control 3 battlecruisers of 10. Plus there are liberators and vikings. Vega is not enough.

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The Battlecruisers will retarget the BCs you stole you use their Yamato cannons on the BCs. The Vikings and Liberators are easy, just grenade them and mop up. The trick is catching them in a clump but that’s not hard to do.

By the time you’re facing 10 Battlecruisers you should have five outlaws in your squad. Assuming that 4 of them can hit air (and realistically 4 should be able to if you know you’re facing air) if you knock out 3 BCs with Mind Control, the VIkings and Liberators with Splash, that just leaves 7 BCs for the rest of the squad to handle, which is not hard at all.

And that’s assuming you’re facing them without any previous MC’d units in your arsenal already. If you just use Vega to start stealing Battlecruisers from the moment you first see them you can easily rack up a group of 5 or 6 of them that all benefit from Rattlesnake and Lt. Nikara’s Healing as well as from Medivac (as dumb as that must look.)

Trust me dude, I’ve tried it plenty. Vega makes SkyTerran super easy. This works just as well with Carriers too.


Tychus, Sirius, Rattlesnake is my start for any situation that does not include mutations and for any air comp I face just add Nux and Vega. Spam turrets to draw attention from enemy first line, when wave clumps up a bit more - Grenade for even more clumping up, then Pristorm that basically annihilate all weaker enemies in couple seconds, and for capital ships - Mind control which also gives confusion to surrounding enemies, so you have plenty of time to finish off survivors.
Hardest comp for me is Reaver-Disruptor Protoss because it is really easy to quickly lose one-two Outlaws to enermous burst damage enemy has (Grenade-Storm combo is less effective against ground comps) and from that point it spirals up because I don’t have all needed tools in my disposal. But usually it happens only if make some significant mistakes, so not really a huge problem too.

The three Guns-Muscles-Fixers researches in the Engineering Bay. Increases it by 15%.

Reaver/Disruptor compositions. Massive burst damage that can just delete your Outlaws.

Thanks for all the replies guys, must be it since I wasn’t using Vega as I’ve heard most players steer clear from her. I must be damned because most of my games I get to deal with Sky Terrans, occasionally Sky Toss here and there, haven’t had Reavers yet.

What about upgrades for Outlaws? Do you first get all Outlaws out, then upgrade them all or you upgrade each fully the moment he’s out?

This is no longer true since the Mengsk release patch which massively buffed Vega. Domination heavy comp (Vega/Nikara) is a legit option against comps with a lot of heavy units.

This is heavily dependent on game length and how much value you want to get out of the outlaws. For example, with Vega you want all of her gear ASAP because she gives you better Amon units that last 6mins; with Rattlesnake though you don’t have to get the stim pack and his ultimate gear early if you are only using him as a healer and supplemental DPS boost (via the +AS upgrade for Revitalizer).

Plus they get a pretty sizable buff from Vega’s upgrades, on top of any boosts they get from Nikara or Rattlesnake.

Personally, I get Vega right away against skyterran or toss armies. She pays for herself very quickly.

For me it depends on which Outlaws I get out, if you get Vega or Nux you’ll want them all. The others all have situational ones, Tychus’ ultimate for example is generally only worth it if you get the max Outlaws going. There are definitely times where you can skip that last Outlaw altogether.

Vega not only takes over units, but also causes enemy to fight each other. These two features shut down air hard.

For reaver/immortal enemy use Cannonball. Fully upgraded you get 1900HP that heals fully when takes fatal damage every 60 sec and stuns enemy for a few seconds. You will not notice any reavers.

As a result upgrade path depends on what enemy composition you are dealing with.

P.S. usually Vega/Cannonball are taken as 3rd outlaw when waves are starting to get bigger and actually need proper response and you know enemy comp.

Sky Terran or Tempest toss order of cooking:
Few Sirius Turret(draw fire) -> Mind Control (for confusion) -> Shredder Nade -> Ultrasonic Pulse -> (Mind Control -> Ultrasonic Pulse) x 2 -> Medivac Pickup -> Drop Right into Enemy -> Plant all Sirius Turrets -> If someone is somehow alive, throw Sams Demolition Charge on Alive beefy targets

Necessary Grades:
Tychus: Pulling Nade
Syrius: Anti-air rockets, fear
Sam: Stun from demo-charge
Nux: Pulse damage + Pulse radius
Vega: Confusion

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Thanks for the help. I’ll try it in that order, thankfully micro is minimal since all unit abilities are in one spot and my micro sucks.

Edit: randomized abilities depending on the order of Outlaws pupmed out doesn’t help my poor micro skills either😬

Depends on your macro I guess - but between Eng Bay and outlaw upgrades I always spend resources as fast as I can get them, so Outlaw Availability is a total waste - by the time I have a spare 1000M/200G the next outlaw is always ready. Same goes for Medivac Cooldown - once you have the ability to make 3, there is pretty much one always available. Just make sure to walk not fly in the down time periods between attack waves. The only Mastery I am iffy about is the first one, i usually split that to boost Tychus attack speed, and cooldown grenade by a little.

As people have said the best way to deal with Air composition (terran or protoss) is to use Vega and Sykes in some order. Just throw the turrets down between you and the attack wave to slow them down and then steal a few BCs/Void Rays/Carriers. For Air Zerg, Nyx is better to shred them with his storm.

FYI - I play Tychus as my main and always use TYCHUS - RATTLESNAKE - VEGA - SYKES - NYX. The only exception is Dead of Night and Farmer Evac in which I replace SYKES with BLAZE. You can replace Rattlesnake with Niadra if you MUST but under no circumstances should you use both.

Edit #2 - leaving out Sneaky Sam even on Oblivion Express isn’t really an issue, between Tychus, Rattesnake, Sykes, and mind controlled Heavy Units (such as Aberrations, Thors, etc) your damage output should be high enough to deal with the Trains just fine, unless your partner is completely incompetent.

Just tried what you guys said, Tychus’ nade to group them up, throw in Nux’s storm, and pop some turrets for good measure vs pretty much all sky comps and it absolutely shreds.

What about Nikara vs Rattlesnake healing? Her not having a weapon is a pain as she’ll run into the fight and be the first to die most of the time. You ever get both Nikara and Rattlesnake?