Tychus dealing NEGATIVE damage in end game screen

During this week’s mutation ‘Hell Train’, my partner Tychus was lone wolf level 12 and in the end game after we beat the mutation, it was showing he had done ‘-10,183’ damage to the trains.

Obviously a bug and wasn’t sure if this was widely known or encountered before so wanted to share it.

Please share the picture for posterity :grin:

it says i’m not allowed to post links. How do i post a picture?

This is not a Tychus issue, though. This can happen to any commander if they get a kill on a train that is revived and didn’t kill it the second time, because the health of the train is subtracted from the “damage dealt to trains” score when it revives. Thus you can go below 0 damage if that happens.
(on a side note, perhaps it’s related to another bug, where the train dies almost immediately after respawning)

And yes, it is something already known in the community (but not sure if it was reported here before).

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