TvT Mass BC turtle base

Hello guys, just meet a guy that play bc with turtling in the base. i do timing attack around 7min with bio tank raven, but he build all his cc into planetary fortress. and all he do for defense is use yamato to kill all my tank and straight away jump into my main. my bio cant kill planetary without tank but his bc killing everything including production in my base and i cant deal any damage for basetrade.By the way he has turret in his main so i cant drop him. Is there any solution to deal with?

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Ask Blizz to nerf the BC

_Replay _link?
Did you invest minerals into turrets and expand a lot?
How was your early game?

Ravens and Vikings. Disable the BC’s and kite with vikings.

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^ This. Sounds like you didn’t scan him and should be way ahead in economy.
If you scanned his base while / before moving out, you could’ve adapted by getting another starport for vikings and maybe a few turrets and another base.

If you post the replay we could work on your scouting pattern / improve the BO.

Scout is the answer here.

The moment you see him using planetary, make vinkings and expand. If you don’t have enough starports. Cyclones also do the trick.

Vinkings muders BC because they outrange BC, and later on they can be called to the ground to be a cleanupcrew.

If he is turtling for BC, it means he is comitting to BC. Expand and make Vinkings to punish anything cheeky from them.

Then keep taking his bases one by one with Siege tanks, and keep spamming marines as they are your mineral fodder.

This kind of TVT takes HOURS to end but almost surely he is on the losing side.

ShengZ99 i had the same issue. These guys are indeed wrediculous. I once played a game where i messed up the attack, then a 40 minute long game followed where i couldnt do else than make vikings and thors, and he kept yamatoing all my stuff. I would say that playing against this is defenitly harder than playing with the battlecruiser though. But be positive, you have countered many things in this game so far, and this hurdle can also be overcome if you look at replay and see ideas.