Trying to find the voiceactor for Coroporal Faraday

Hello everyone,
I am looking for any information on the voice actor of For corporal Faraday from the co-op missions. I have googled to no avail and I am finding nothing!!!

The closest I have gotten is the IMDB page with all the voice actors I am assuming Faraday is one of the “additional voices” but I have no idea who specifically it would be. Anyone with any information on this would be greatly appreciated. (cant post links but just google IMDB legacy of the voice it should be pretty easy to find)

If it matters why I am asking, its just because I have a hunch/itch that I have heard his voice somewhere else but I cant seem to pin point where.

If this is not the right place to ask for this please let me know I would be more than happy to ask on the co-op forums or maybe if there is a lore discussion section I could post it there.

Thanks for any help