Tournaments casters talk way too much

Is like they all agreed to never have a quiet moment, look at ESL right now. They never shut up, its really annoying, I have to mute and put some music, every time I unmute, yep they are talking.

I dont need extra hype or entretaintment, we already love StarCraft, and lets be real, no massive new players are coming in, we dont need explanations of every silly thing, we already know. We just want to watch pro games with their sounds and maybe just little comments. This is not a pro team game, we dont talk while playing, we are fine just watching, we play alone.

The solution: limit game to just one caster, tell him to not talk too much and show games from the players perspective. You would learn far more seeing where the pros lock their cameras and manage their army than listeting to 9 hours of podcast really. The early game from a player perspective is very active and fast, contrary to the third view approach is used now, it makes the game look slow.

That brings me to another mayor issue with tournaments, they never show the player cam, thats what we want to see, thats what we need to see to learn, how the game is played, not how it looks from a third person perspective.

Right now you could watch a game and have zero idea the player had: Locked based and army cameras, when they macro and when they micro, army and building hotkeys, what do they hotkey, how many groups they have for army, etc (even though some player can opt to hide this in game).

A third person view gives the feeling of a slow early game when in fact is not, is very dynamic. Maybe this is why the casters feel the need to talk and talk and talk. Also it doesnt help they all stream and ends being more about themselves than about the game.

GSL used to stream and save the player cams, it was pure pleasure to watch them. Is a shame they dont do it anymore, they sometimes stream it but never store it. I watched Rouge kill Dream in the latest GSL. It was incredible to watch him play.


I think you are the one that got a problem.
If you don’t like the caster that much, you can download the replay and watch it instead.
You know that you can download the replay of tournament, right?
It took me 5 second to google for it.


Is not the same to just click the stream and watch it by the side in the day than to have to load SC find the game and all that, is a pain to do. I have nothing against casters but they really lack direction.

Is not about me, this way is objectively better for the game and the player base.

Here’s the thing: No one gonna be able to fit all of your demand without screwing the majority.
This is why they don’t post the replay on youtube because there will surely be someone who want to see other corner of the map instead of the selected one (Like you for example).
This is why you don’t do “I demand the caster or whoever the owner of this video to do what I wish”, you go do it yourself.
And don’t put the “It’s better for the game and player base” as your cause. This thread is entirely for yourself.

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You are wrong, is objectively better.

The game needs to show how the game is played, not how it looks from the outside.

Not how objectivity works, and if it was: It isn’t. The last thing most viewers want from a cast is dead silence and game noises. If that’s what they wanted they’d be playing StarCraft instead of watching it.


That is valid only for a bunch of high level people (you included) that require something more than 95% of the viewer population.
Considering than more than half of people here don’t even understand what they see, Casters are useful for explaining things.
Problem is when Casters themselves are clueless and spew a lot of BS like FearDragon yesterday and someone today in MaxPax vs Elazer when he said that Tempests can’t kill building (they can with Tectonic if used in Cobra’s fashion that kills not only buildings but whole Hatcheries).
When poster like Playa that can’t understand why a SB is fast required in Nat with a Sentry behind (PvZ), what you expect from the low-level guy?

I agree that casters talk way too much about trivial things that you can obviously deduce from looking at the screen, but for the average viewer that’s likely a good thing to have.

One pet peeve of mine is when casters make a big deal out of something that is completely standard. For example “OH MY GOD INSANE STORMS HOLY JESUS” is just so ridiculous to hear when storm has 0 cast windup so obviously when the player clicks on center mass it’s gonna hit. Same for Biles hitting tanks, “HOLY MOLY SO MANY TANKS GOING DOWN TO THE BILES” no sh*t, good luck unsieging and evading ravager biles with your tanks…


It’s true that there is too much words during casting, I would enjoy more a quieter casting, not having jist one caster,but if there are two of them would be nice having a relaxed cast with no fake hype moments and no euphoric play by play casting. I prefer casts when they have some non hyped pro player who talks about the game,the players,the matchup,correct predictions and many details without yelling.


Just mute the sound. If you are one of the few people who likes to watch a silent stream it is an easy solution. No need to cry on a forum for attention.


When you don’t realize that mute tab exists

They usually have more than one caster so they can have a conversation about the game as it plays out. Sometimes it’s hard to cast as only one person. But like others have said, there is the mute button. You are very deep in the minority when it comes to this kind of issue, which is why they do what they do in the first place (because the vast majority enjoy it to varying degrees).

I switched incidentally to ESL stream… I barely watched a minute between Nina and Disk. Such representation, peak SC2 game - disruptor balls taking out balls of unmicroed units! Maybe thats what helps the poor atmosphere of the stream not that much the casters

I mean, it’s the casters’ job to talk…

It’s like complaining that an author writes way too much, or a chef cooks too much. Now if you’re more specific about your complaint (are they talking about irrelevant stuff? Or are they making stupid mistakes?), I can understand. After all, even for authors, sometimes they drag out the story too much, screw up the pacing, or add unnecessary content that isn’t relevant to the plot. But simply accusing them of writing too much sounds like a dumb complaint. Same here. It’s the casters’ job to cast, to explain what’s going on, to hype stuff and get excited. of course they will be talking a lot. What exactly did you expect? Lots of pauses and long periods of silence? Might as well not have casters then.

Have you not watched a game of soccer before? They explain every little thing, or tactics. That’s the point of casting.

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What you are asking for would be interesting to a small percentage of people, and is absolutely not objectively better. I don’t think you know what that means.

Play-by-play, color commentary, insight, history, etc are all exactly what a caster is hired to do.

The product of presenting the tournament isn’t supposed to be an instructional video. The average person isn’t going to understand. I’ve very rarely watched Artosis play because the few times I have it’s all an incomprehensible mess watching a player’s POV.

The only reason why Starcraft is watchable to dumb people like me is because of the casters and observers highlighting what I should be looking at, what’s a new tactic, why some build order is out of the ordinary, what was especially clever, and why I should care.

If this post was about degrees of how much color commentary and banter their should be, or how some casters just don’t know what they’re talking about, or something like that, that’s easier to have a discussion. But it sounds like you’re just complaining about the core concept of what they’re meant to do. In a product/presentation that isn’t targeted towards you.

At least personal streams do exist. Streams where players just play and don’t talk and you can see their player cam all you want. That sounds like what you want, and that’s definitely not for me. But I’m also going to go and complain that any particular streamer must do it in a way that I can better understand. If they have viewers and it’s working for them and satisfying those followers, that’s all good for them.


I blocked nathanias on twitch. Out of the 500.1 billion registered twitch users, he is the only one on my block list. So naturally if nate casts a tournament, I won’t watch it.

QFearDragon is one I dislike hearing the most of all possible casters, so if he is forced to cast an event, there too I won’t watch it.

The other reason I won’t watch said events is if the stream feeds us ads of any quantity. I hate ads. I do.


I love road cycling casting,is pretty chill even if there are two casters and some support pro/ex pro commenting things.Other sports also have a more relaxed casting.

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Yes, like Tennis and Golf. What those sports have in common with StarCraft? They are solo sports.

Some guy here looking down on himself and thinks he wont understand StarCraft if they show you the first person view. That is non sense, on the contrary it will help you. Dont know if you realized but every streamer you watch you are watching in first person view, do you also not understand the game there? Now imagine having both players view + the third view on the game.

The porpouse is not only looks, but also the feeling of the game. Is a much stronger feeling of StarCraft when you see the first view.

Also this is a game, the end goal is to have players, not viewers. You need to show how the game is played.

I don’t watch any streamers. Because none of it makes sense to me. What do Tennis and Golf have in common? You’re right, they’re solo sports. Solo sports with a camera that stays fairly still with one action happening at a time.

What does Starcraft not have in common with that? Crazy APM. Screens flashing back and forth not staying still enough to be able to take in what just happened, let alone understand why a player would choose to take any particular action. Watching a streamer is like trying to watch a movie that takes only one frame for every minute, so a two hour movie is compressed into 5 seconds. People intimately familiar with the movie will probably recognize a lot of what happened, but to the random person it will just all be nonsense.

I can imagine a combined first person plus third person view of a tournament, and if there’s silence with that first person view like you want, the tournament would keep switching back and forth between something I can follow to random flashes of light to something I can follow.


i have a other problem: almost every caster have no clue what they talking bout and telling just rdm boringn ot funny stuff. Examples are: WArdi,feardragon,rifking,maynard, creighton

they all are terrible.

let the good guys cast: Rotterdam,tod,zombiegrub,demuslim, Tastelss and artosis, harstem,lambo, catz to an extend

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