Toss 6 base= terran 4 base

warp prism- 250-
void ray, 250
immortal - 275
collosi 300- 200, and still only good for shave damage…

with everything so expensive, you have to try to have zerg macro as toss, but you dont have their ez macro mechanics…

I know no one at blizzard can hear me… its only the infested janitor left.

expensive units that dont do crap. seems to be whats left at toss race.

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Those expensive units like collossi and carriers are pretty good though - or archons and high templars and disruptors.

Though about the ez macro mechanics…
Do you not use rapid fire for warpins from warpgates?!

If you think a protoss unit is useless, try ranking out of bronze first.

Colossi - bye bye ling bane! Bye bye hydra lurker. Bye bye marine marauder push! Goodbye defensive bunker! See ya lurker! (colossi can get their 9 range upgrade way earlier than the lurker one). The cliff walking feature is very macro-able, think about that when you start complaining again.

Immortal - roach ravager pushes squished when combining with force field. Thors? Pfff! Out with that normie !@#$! Any kind of terran mech? SEE YA! Great at taking down defensive zerg and especially terran.

Void ray - Ultimate counter to terran mech. Terran’s viking might be 2 times cheaper, but a single void can take out 3 of them. Meh in PvZ, but can protect your skytoss real nice against corruptors.

Warp prism - are you kidding? Arguably the best transport unit in the game. Can switch between warp in mode for aggressive or cheesy attacks, pick up from MASSIVE distance (the most advanced form of macro in the game in my opinion) and even has its own speed upgrade.

In conclusion: u r bad. get gud

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Sorry you turn on void abillity terran run away you off the cast terran stimroll here plus i have 4 coloss on pvz good to know 100 supply only bane clear 4 coloss air survive plus warp prism worker only if no turrets on main or other base i agree it too hard burrow mine in field where prism fly

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lm plat 3 lmao…