Too game breaking if Stetzones also worked on structures?

Both in terms of game play, and CPU cycles. In this case, assume that overcharge doesn’t affect structures

For the former, purple/JUICE… I think Raynor would be a big culprit since his OCs would rain MULES like nobody’s business. Oh, ditto for Karax’ Shield Batteries. Everything else IIRC is on cd (so just time, no energy use).

For the latter, units would still be the bigger culprit for all of extra “bookkeeping” the game needs to, so it seems that should be fine?

The Stetlag would be indeed more awful. Also… what actual purpose would it serve at all aside from healing structures?

Premise being no overcharge, so none of your static would gain the obvious benefit. The 16 energy/sec would heavily advantage Raynor and Stetmann combo.

I’d rather they bring back the Chrono affects structures under construction. That made the game far more interesting and inadvertently solved some mastery competitive issues. This… this just seem very pointless.

Cast Overcharge while on Speed Zones, your structures in the AoE get free Chrono, lmao.

It would help with Stetmann’s early game against Void Rifts. But overall Stetmann is absurdly strong and so it might not be the best idea to give him any kind of buff. And you actually make a really good point, one I hadn’t considered, about the MULE synergy/exploit it’d create.

Maybe if stetzones worked like creep, giving flags to terrain, then it would not break anything anymore. Though I have no proof on how it work technically.
I mean, full map covering creep from Stukov don’t really break anything on its own.

I think it would become a major problem when paired with Kerrigan. If Stettzones worked like creep, then Kerrigan’s Malignant Creep passive would be permanently online and units could, in theory, be near unkillable in the zones while dealing ridiculous DPS… The ability stacking without one player needing to do anything to engage it would be nuts.