This "Community Curated" Patch is 'Community Cheese'

Wtf Blizzard? Layed off too many programmers and are figured asking single race players was most cost effective?


Seriously wtf, the stuff you changed in the last 3 patches has done nothing but custom riggings for whiney low skill players who only play a single race, and are so invested in the cheese they are addicted to, they tell you to nerf the only stuff that can counter it, and you’re catering to them! That’s literally the opposite definition of balancing stuff, you are removing counters!

Look I’m not complaining about it BEING patched, just the source of the patch changes is basically ppl who only play one race, one cheese, and want the only counter to it removed?

For the love of everything sacred! Rehire the balance team and make them actually weigh in and veto or sign off on that “Community Curated” cheese you are passing off as a “Balance” patch these days, seriously, wtdaf?!

P.S. How in the fk are Thors not fixed yet? Case and point. You are custom rigging for players of single races.

Now as I am fully aware I have said nothing productive (apologies). Here are some actual suggestions that aren’t an attempt at rigging something;

Thors are attackable by air units like Collases are, and reduce their range vs air to 11… or 10, (it’s currently 13? Nothing else in the game has 13 vs anything…) and cap their accumulative, splash vs air, they don’t need to take out 10 air units in one volley, Terrans aren’t hurting vs air. Same issue with mines, cept vs both ground and air, reduce their splash cap, maximum splash of several units combined needs to be less than average target hp, (10 mines shoot one unit, splash takes out 15 units standing next to it, wtf? No one mine would have taken out one unit, yet 15 = 1500dmg per unit to like, unlimited units…) I understand that’s a programming issue as you might need to take a sample target length to cap the dmg inside that timeframe, the lag that it would entail etc… perhaps cap total number of units mines splash to 3-5ish vs ground and air. Same thing with Thors, but only vs air.

Hydra are gonna need something else done after this patch, the firing rate change didn’t do what you think it did, their DPS is wayyyy higher, I mean they needed a buff, but wow.

Vikings, just got the same dps firing rate adaptation, and while I am all for the micro change, (the click to move ratio was super laggy and thats a wonderful idea that was long needed) it however has a bug in it, because vikings when manually piloted are now MASSIVELY rigged, you effectively 3x’d their dps =/. Not intentionally I know, but there is a bug in the changes, I’m watching them do impossible things in 4v4, like take out 3 armies solo… killing 60 units in 2.4 seconds…

At any rate, when’s the last time you nerf anything Terran? Your “Community Curated” Helpers are a buncha bias cheese artists who are hustling you… Seriously, go through your list of ‘Community Curated Single Race Wonder Cheese Artists’ anyone who has all games one race? They aren’t a player, they are a newb who wants you to cater to their cheese.

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I don’t know what air units Callases are, but I know for sure, that you have to go to liquipedia and learn the range of thor… Sorry, it might be too hard for you, so I will help you, it is 10 in splash mode and 11 without already.

By looking on to hydra and vikings I can assume that you play carriers only in 4vs4, which are now can be destroyed by plat players without any problems, because they don’t have to focus fire. So it looks like their units have more DPS. You better learn to build something else or at least add storms.

I suspect it is Colossi (from the “attackable by air units” bit).

another platinum pro toss whinner, move on …

This reminds me of twtich chat: Do not talk if you have no clue about how to play the game, this should only be discussed by high level players (gold and above)

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Apparently not you then…

Terran Wins
Zerg Wins
Protoss Wins

Um last patch, in January?


Point is all your games since the patch you are complaining about (two months ago) are protoss. Duh. You haven’t played the patch as all 3 races. Learn to think Zero.

Let’s see…they could ask “single race players” (pros typically play all three races but main one professionally) that are in the top .001% of MMR and know the game better than anyone else…
or they could ask all race mains at 3-4k (top 20-10%) where they don’t know how to make their first structures on time.

Actually, forget all that, they should just pull random people off the street in Seoul and have them design it. They’re more likely to get it right on accident than the second option.

Dude what. “High Level” players are Diamond Tier 1 and above. Gold league players barely understand the concepts of micro and macro. They aren’t anywhere near “High Level”.

Haha, diamond in team games? So…gold league skill?

Learn to understand sarcasm … I agree btw D3 has been dumped down so much that only D1 can be called somewhat high level being close to Master. Although M3 isnt considered high, high level would be M2-M1 to give them credit not just the GMs

M3 and above is around 2% of the entire population dude. Just because you’re not making money off this game doesn’t mean you aren’t highly skilled.

Ghost Hydra, Diamond in 4v4 is Masters in 1v1, 1v1 is easy, you dont have 6 extra players to worrie about / compensate for/ solo the entire other team if need be…

:man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:

People that really think that wouldnt even stand a Chance in 1v1 vs Plat.

It’s good if 4vs4 diamond would at least be bottom plat in 1vs1… There are way less things you need to care about in team games, than in 1vs1.

Team games do not translate to 1v1. I’ve seen people at 4.8k team that wouldn’t have a chance in diamond league.

Isn’t it what I’ve written?