The possibility of zerg immortality with Xelnaga' essence

I mean, the Overmind seems to be immortal after absorbed some of the xelnaga’s essence, unless he has a really long lifespan? If he was otherwise immortal (exception for void energy), would it have been possible that a cerebrate had absorb some of the xelnaga’s essence (I know that they should be all dead, but we don’t know if there are any cerebrates in the rest of the galaxy/universe) and still be alive? If so, would they be immortal or would their lifespawn be lengthened dramatically? If all of this were true, do you think that this be included as to be part of SC3?

Cerebrates wont feature in Starcraft again because of a real world agreement between Blizzard and Games Workshop to, essentially, not tread on each others toes. The details arent public, and it probably isnt legally binding, but the basic idea is that neither wants to provoke trouble with the other.

Beyond that, the Xel’naga arent immortal. It was the Overmind’s use of void energy rather than the Xel’naga essence it took in that allowed it to reincarnate, and the cerebrates already had that as well.

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Dang it! That really sucks.

You know what sucks? What has become of Blizzard in the last… couple of years.

Haha ha ha classic stuff.

To paraphrase Abathur in the last Skygeirr mission:
Organism InfestedTerr misunderstands. Death irrelevant. Only essence important.

That was followed by a casual revival of a supposedly dead Ultralisk.