The Next Commander After Arcturus

ChinaJoy 2020 is going on right now until Aug 3rd but I imagine Blizzard is more likely to announce Diablo Immortal news while they’re there.

I don’t think lore tends to have that big of a weighting on skins in that kind of way, she isn’t a fan of the Golden Age social movement but we’ve already seen some golden age skins used for other things (like Zeratul’s legion calldowns).

I’d kind of hope if we get her, she uses a new set of skins like Mengsk did, though. Golden age skins were basically a modernizing of the base protoss units’ aesthetics, rather than a cohesive khalai set

I really just want to control the defiler as a unit. So I’m hoping for maybe an overmind commander.

Which do you think is more likely; Protoss, Zerg, or Terran?

The overmind with units with swappable genes or maybe elite zerg units made by experimenting

I think the Overmind has a pretty high chance of being added… but probably not next.

My 3 most likely guesses based on requests
Tosh, Selendis, Overmind
of those I’d say Tosh seems less likely (interesting “hooks” are more of a stretch with him and we just had a Terran)
So my most likely Selendis/Overmind… But it really could be anything

Here is an interesting question; do you think that adding Prestiges to new Commanders will drastically increase the development time per new Commander?

Maybe (aside from adding Prestiges in the first place and Covid) it is why we haven’t seen a new Commander yet?

I don’t think so. The Prestiges are really just bonus content so there’s no need to include it in the initial release of a new commander.

And even if they do it’s not Much new content. The reason no new commander yet is not the Prestige needed for a new commander, it is because of the Prestige needed for 18 old commanders (plus the Prestige system itself…which still needs work)

Hell no, in my opinion. If anything they will be better designed now that commanders will have to be designed with that in mind. HOPEFULLY.

Even then most prestieges will likely just be stat changes like etc: +30% stronger army, Downside Cooldowns on Calldowns are doubled, etc. Or 2. XYZ aspect of a Commander is stronger by Y, but you lose Z, 3. You gain more of Unique Commander mechanic here, but in exchange XYZ costs 50% more, etc.

Honestly, I’m hoping the next Zerg Commander is Izsha. She could have great defenses, auto vespene, unused strains, and orbital drop pods for her forces.

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We may get one more commander (if even) but I hope for these 3:

Terran - Dr. Ariel Hanson (from WoL)
I’m thinking of a more support-like role. Weak damage but lots of healing/repairing/energy restore, debuffings, or even research that benefits your allies as well.

Zerg - I agree with the Idea of Isha. But I’m not sure about the playstyle.Maybe a Zerg version of Han&Horner with Leviathans that serve as production and some other elite air units.

Protoss - Yes to Rohana with the golden Armada skin. I agree with the War Council idea (mostly because I don’t have any other)

Extra - Gabriel Tosh. But we have already have Nova.

On that logic, Fenix shouldn’t be a commander because we already have Karax.

Tosh can be a commander so long as his design is distinctive, that he has and can do things like no other commander; this is the basis of any commander concept. A good starting point is figuring out how to utilize Jorium and Terrazine as unique mechanics.


I think Izsha could drop her units (and even defensive structures) where ever she has vision. (Kind of like Artanis or Raynor.)

She could also use unused Zerg strains and Blightbringers (instead or Ultralisks).

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Overmind would be neat if they made it just the SC1 Zerg. No overseers, just overlords. Give us defilers. Use the classic skins. That would be awesome.

Should do the same a Terran and Protoss commander.


Overmind would be my choice but I believe the answer is sadly no one.

My hopes:

Selendis w/ sktoss/golden armada/muthaship
Overmind with Defilers, sunken colonies, corpsers and other unused strains, etc.
Tosh w/ predators, specters, diamondbacks (no siege tanks for once), medivacs, widow mines, pirate ship, etc.

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Gabriel Tosh. Project Shadowblade needs to see the light of day.