THe Never ending mission

Apparently, on Devils Playground, you can mine out the whole map, but still not have 8000 minerals (assuming youve been building the whole time). Can anyone confirm that this happens? That there is no lose condition that can see that you cant ever get enough $?

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I can’t confirm for sure, but honestly, I doubt that anyone has ever locked themselves out of victory that way. There are plenty of resource on that map, even if you’re going for wiping out the Zerg entirely.

Plus, the mineral pickups are substantial as well, and they’re all over the map.

I think you’d have to try - real hard - to lock yourself out of victory in that manner on this mission.

I did try hard :smiley: 32 CCs

That sounds fun to do. I’ve definitely mined it out before, but I was maxed out and so on.