The best of the best!

Dreamhack atlanta cannot have a better end. The best protoss in hero , the best zerg in serral and the best terran in maru
GLHF enjoy

The one that stay most in bed? :laughing:

It has been interesting and fun so far, with matches like Zoun 3-0’ing Byun (!). and Nightmare coming out of nowhere suddenly and making it to the quarterfinals. (Good job dude.)

And I completely agree with OP, looking forward to today. The semifinal matches will both be an ultra-elite grand master going up against a god (and probably losing). Then the two gods fighting it out in the grandfinal.

Sweet. Bunny eliminates the tournament favorite and makes it to the finals for the first time in his career.

It aged like milk :stuck_out_tongue: .

Nonetheless it was a very nice final to watch and I’m glad herO won it.

herO is a very entertaining player, he’s always a treat to watch especially in PvT.

Um, it did? I thought it was spectacular. Every match went the full distance with a cliff hanger tie breaker. Both titans got toppled, which was refreshing. And the grandfinals from bunny and hero was intense, with dozens of back and forth swings in advantage throughout. And the level of gameplay they both showed was truly world-championship worthy. They proved they got to the grandfinals for a reason, not just because Maru and Serral had a off match.

Sounds like you had a favorite player you wanted to see win or something? Because aside from biases or just plain not understanding the gameplay, that was SC2 at its very finest.

Highly entertaining games with amazing player stories. Grand finals going the distance!