The Adept 1 - 10 your thoughts

I want to make this short…

What do you guys think of the Adept 1 - 10

I personally give it a 7

Not too sure about that… New adept seems rather useless lol, would rather have the old upgrade

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Scale of 1-10,
It’s a 3. I never will get the upgrade. It sucks.

They took away the mothership core. The only unit the protoss had to defend against marauders and early zergling rush.

What did Blizzard give us in return, a flimsy adept that is never any good outside the first 3 minutes of the game and NEVER usesful at any point period. Due to their weak health, armor, and damage.

I totally hate the adept, Yes, micro it the first 2 minutes get five workers killed from you opponent if A. Not expecting B. They are at a lower rank level.

Even professional games on youtube, the adept usefullness is never above 3 workers killed.

I very much rather have keeped the mothership core.