Terran takes 8 slots of top 10 in korea

In case you were wondering, and I am absolutely positive you were, terran is absolutely dominating the upper echelons of SC2 in Korea:


Roflmao. There isn’t a single zerg in the top 10.

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They should be glad Elazer is playing on EU. As always this proves Terrans are far more hard working.

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Maru is in there at least 3 times, with alts maybe 4 or 5 places.
Durrrrr. Again that doesn’t mean anything other than Maru is better than most pros, and he makes lots of alts.

2022 Top Korean Players by tournament earnings. (Each player is only counted once, and identified by name, unlike the nonsense in the OP.)

Zerg is 4 out of 10.

Looking at global ranking instead of just Korea, Zerg takes 5 of the top 10 spots. Stop whining like little girls.


Yes when you have Soo and Rogue not playing there and the custom games others practice instead? But of course new fashion, let’s look for trends never mind if it doesn’t give the whole picture. Now looking for ladder in top 3 and maybe one day the top 1 will decide which race is too much. Just in the previous thread I explained why you can’t judge representation like that because one player has more accounts! And it may also have to do with an overall pulling from ladder and activity by different players as the game is slowly dying.

dude it doesnt matter what takes korean, there out now. it aint worth them to play pro tourneys now that blizzard dropped the prize pool. Koreans will be done with sc2 very soon

You mean, the guy who lost to Hitman? :clown_face:

I always suspected NA was superior to EU, and then Elazer lost to Hitman and it was proven. Top EU players couldn’t defend simple 1 base attacks like proxy gates.

Your suspicion is wrong. Just because someone pulls somethin out once. Elazer was also known to lose to cheesy poor skilled player in nation wars but that is on him.

NA players like Hitman and Idra simply have bigger fish to fry. Ain’t nobody got time to play king in a video game.

Hitman couldn’t evolve once LotV hit the scene. He was still actively playing hots well into 2017. Once you get used to the insane benefits Protoss had in hots, it’s hard to detox.

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What. LotV gave absolutely monstrous buffs to hitman’s playstyles. Cannon rushes and proxy gates and proxy robo builds were virtually impossible to defend, not to mention the 500 armor adepts that could be massed from a 4 gate and was guaranteed to kill a zerg. Also, proxy stargate in all matchups. PartinG, for example, got a huge portion of his wins in Code S from cannon rushes.

Current LotV is an APM spam game. APM spammers can drag games out and get free wins. Winning fast is hard in a game that is designed to stalemate. If a player wins fast, they are a better player. That’s why macro players get so enraged when they lose to cheese. They got wrecked by an inferior style which means they were drastically outplayed. The game design is rigged in favor of macro players, and they still lose. Hitman was, factually, a hundred times better than any EU player.

To quote Metallica, EU players when they dedicate their lives to clicking fast but nobody gives af that sc even exists:

Dig for gold
Dig for fame
You dig to make your name
Are you pacified?

All the wants you waste
All the things you’ve chased

And it all crashes down
And you break your crown
And you point your finger, but there’s no one around
Just want one thing, just to play the king
But the castle crumbled and you’re left with just a name
Where’s your crown, King Nothing?

Batz Cherry picked:

Moment in time
Sample Size
Prioritizes Ladder over Tournament results

Bourne: Points out literal years of Zerg over performance
Batz: conveniently ignores and continues crying about how unfair things are.

Currently this is what ALL of GM looks like:

Terran (at 36% of total pop) is 33% of GM
Zerg (at 26% of total pop) is… 26% of GM…


Is that the best you’ve got – crying about cherry picking? I am disappointed. I expected more … F I R E P O W E R:

That tells me alt accounts should be banned and an incognito mode should be added.

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It’s the obvious flaw bad faith argument you’ve been making for… 5 years? 6?

I dont remember even Hitman but I’ve seen that name, ah I see you glorify those old time players from WoL that shrink to the demands for skill today. There was more APM needed for all races because no cheap unit design existed but the players’ skill has grown and while I have disagreed previously that Mvp would look like some gold (as some claimed) it is clear that WOL times best players would be Code A, they couldn’t win anything on Code S/GSL

Maybe you try to compensate the fact that NA’s from after Idra time have always been worse minus Scarlett/neeb/Special but even their success in their best time was shadowed.

Dont even make me waste words with that, it is a fact that arguing with would be foolish. You should thank the EU players that there is a foreign scene at all (not like now, all NA players - Protoss) and that there is what to watch outside GSL. Because if you only cared how popular it is in Korea for Koreans , you get Brood war. And I dont caRE ABOUT IT , dead game outside KR is dead game and does not deserve more attention. Btw GSL’s rewards cutoff is another reason to thank the foreign scene, sure quality would drop but the game would be alive for a lil more, which I dont care much about as even SC2 had its time. 13 years

Everyone was talking crap about the NA server and then Hitman, rank #1 on NA, steamrolled rank #1 on EU, with 5 minute games in WCS. It was probably the most one-sided series I have ever witnessed. EU had an absolute dearth of players with aggressive playstyles, and this problem was so severe that you could get to rank #1 on EU without knowing how to defend basic 1 base attacks. Translation, EU players are APM spammers with near zero strategical comprehension of the game. Their approach to the game is to spam the same build order on repeat like a robot. Then someone like Hitman comes along who knows how to win using a different class of strategies and the EU players just flop. This series showed that EU is just a bunch of APM spammers.

The skill to play SC2 is non existent today. If you went back in time 10 years, Serral wasn’t even in the top 100. Now he’s the goat. Let me guess, your theory is that Serral rose the ranks against all odds to become the GOAT, even though his play is mediocre.

Reality check, Blizzard deleted the korean scene with the region lock, and this obliterated the popularity of the game, reduced the number of tournaments and deleted 95% of the pro scene. Serral went from #1000 to #1 because he stuck around to farm what few noobs still play this EZ game.

There used to be a major tournament almost every week, and yet Serral didn’t win anything back then. The koreans won almost every tournament for years straight. You’d think he’d have won at least one back then just due to the sheer volume of tournaments, but, no, his first tournament win was in 2015.

But, here you are, saying that the game has become harder – that skill has increased?

:rofl: :man_facepalming:

SC2 has literally never been easier. I can literally roll my face on the keyboard and get grandmaster. In the past, you couldn’t even get into GM without 5500 MMR, and it would kick you out at 5300. To get to 5500, you had to beat many players at >5500 mmr. You’d have to beat five of so 6k players, 20 or so 5700’s, and 100 or so 5500’s. Right now, there are “GMs” with 4800 MMR. You can beat these people by typing “EZ” at the start of the game. It takes zero skill to play SC2 because nobody with skill plays this game anymore.

I can’t remember the last time I watched a replay, optimized a new build order, or learned how to scout an enemy build order / developed a custom counter to a build. All that is literally irrelevant. You sit at the keyboard, spam APM, and you are guaranteed GM. You can do nonsense build orders like 5 hatch before pool and it will work. It will beat pro players. Literally. I have a replay where I beat Puck with this. I have a replay where I beat PartinG with 3 hatch even though he did a 1 base allin. Strategy is totally irrelevant to this game. It’s all about how fast you click.

This is radically detached from reality. NA has always been the most active server in SC2. NA players are what keep SC2 afloat. No, no, it’s a couple APM spammers from EU who farm tournaments that keep SC2 alive! :man_facepalming:

When Idra streamed, he had 12k concurrent viewers. That’s more than entire tournaments have these days. The absolute worst thing Blizzard could’ve done for SC2 was to let pro’s like Idra to retire. They should’ve been on their knees, begging and pleading, for Idra to stay in the game. They should’ve given him a blank check and told him to put whatever number on it was necessary to keep him streaming.

Translation: While you are better than some forumers here who are diamond/barely master you actually dont have the skill to compete with the said ‘APM spammers’ because admit it they are just better than you and you are used to playing on the inferior NA server (Fact) where there are just weaker players . Typically most forum posters here do not even make enough effort when they play, some complain exactly because just like you they want their low effort wins (especially the toss and zergs that post recently). Yes as Z you have to be fast. I’ve never said Z is low APM race have I? If you can’t be then hate on those who can.

You are such a shapeshifter of situation, just how it suits you every second. Went from your old time hating on Terran, then siding with Terran and bashing toss, saying APM matters now bashing on APM spammers, then praising Serral and Reynor now deluding yourself that proud NA look you had better players Serral trash etc etc :clown_face: yes he is not playing good now but you know… let me know when in a lot more figured out meta that is today you get some NA player to do it. Good for having an army of toss players (good against terran, good against Z)

If we argue activity, people have pulled away from the game due to how unforgiving it is. Even without seeing the numbers, I doubt they would be anything more than 55:45 or 60:40% of who plays more today

SC2 was overall active, so comparing me a time when everyone was hyped and didn’t quit SC2 with now…

Look, ‘APM spammers’ are making up the scene to have something to watch. They are not any worse than Koreans today with few exceptions like Dark, Maru that are still best. Maybe Koreans still have an upper hand but by a slight margin.

You can blame that it is because team houses disbanded, cutting finance yes I know. But it is what it is today. And when I saw Mvp and Soulkey and Innovation rolling on the finals, I did not see any NA doing it. So some past glory of NA player being good was so long ago at time when everybody was bad (as some said would feel like a plat today, I would not say plat but maybe low master). And I say NA , Scarlett is Canadian, Special Mexian, so yea you are just mad about the facts that you dont have a player, Neeb was for a while but ugh not really.

There’s this wonderful thing people have called “improvement” that comes with time, analysis, and hard work at a skill or skills. You’re completely ignoring the human element here.

The longer a game is out, the more people are going to practice, going to understand, going to improve, going to raise the skill ceiling as more tricks come to light, different ways of deling with new and old tactics come to light.

Sc2 has been out for 12+ years now, and is most definitely one that would be subject to this human element.

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Also, 10 years ago, Serral was 12. I know Starcraft pros tend to be young, but there is a point where that stops being beneficial.