Terran playstyle: Mech questions

I really wanna learn to play mech but information is very scarce as it seems that people like to mix a lot of bio units (and I see the benefits of doing that). I’ve been watching a certain streamer, he seems to have all his mech units in one big ball of death, which a lot of times seems to be why he loses, due to his lack of mobility.

Is it possible in the current meta to be able to create a constant wave of mech units that will create a certain ongoing siege vs all 3 matchups? I find vikings and tanks combined with liberators to be very effective vs T as I control the airspace and protect the liberators from other air units, this is a more blocky approach but it helps me stay focused on the siege, which also takes a bit away from my macro lol but I’m on the path. Is there any streamer or mech specific terran player that I can study that goes over a lot of approaches and not just an individual who doesn’t really analyzes his losses without getting emotional?

Thank you.

Not really, in TvT your mech is going to look different than in TvZ and TvP, but both of those can kind of be all-in’d with hellion cyclone. But if you try that crap in TvT you’re either dead to a tank drop or something else like rushed BCs.

Gumiho did a PVT mech all in. You can copy it on Lowko’s page.

I think it’s much easier to get 3 barracks and hit a crisp timing with tanks or mines, but you CAN make it work.

Zerg is usually turtle on 3 base, get maxed ultra fast, then push at 2/2 200/200. It’s probably an easier way to play, but if the push doesn’t work, you need Ghosts, Libs, a Raven, maybe BC for counterattacks.

TVT mech is pretty difficult to play, but the difficulty is front loaded. In the late game you’ll usually win.