Terran gost OP spell

Hey guys , im a zerg player , silver tier ,

my whine to day is about , terran Goast , namely there snipe ability , although there emp , seems a little high too .

it takes zerg a lot of time and engery to make brood lords , which have had many nerfs threw out there history , but not in the price depearment , any how , guss my question is

would yall keep the sniper spell , if it ment we got a spell that could one hit a thor or battle cruiser ?

Not a terran, so i could care less if the GHOST, gets nerfed. That being said, now GHOST are easy to deal with, just keep some ling/bane around if you know there building GHOST. Also macro your brood lords more. Stutter step them, (yes i know there slow as dirt but they can stutter step). Frankly at this point in the game broods are more of a liability unless you got a terran whose playing thor widow tank. and building mass turret bunker PF. If your playing broods against anything other than that combo your and idiot. Especially if the terran got any kind of air going, which 90% of the time they do.

Zerglings become strong again in lategame with the adrenal glands upgrade on the spawning pool, after hive is completed. Like WKnight2 said, broodlords are most useful when the terran is turtling hard. Use lurkers instead with ling bane.

you wanna play some 1v1 and I could show you how snipe is the least of your actual problems?

i realse terran has a hela tech tree , but if you just represent your ideas hear , that will be most fair .

secondly , ghost is less commen than Yammto cannon .

im a silver player , i look at your race threw mine .

in my head , you need 3 rax and a few other buildings and you can mass produce a rather deadly unit , that very hard counters a very expenisve and pivitoal unit for zerg , a unit that was supposed to be an upgrade from gardian .

if you were spell slinging down guardians , a cheaper unit , it would be tolerable .

broods need there full range back to be a real threat agen , they are 4 person unit , and not cheep at all . yalls thor is 300 , 200 , 6 , 43
brood , 250,250, 4 , 45 ish . yalls thor dose cost more pop , so its a ruff comparasion , and i have no issuses with thor taking down brood lord , thats normal , but brood lord cost way more gass than yalls thor in relation to its defense , for a unit that is both slow mid ranged and 4 pop , they at that price should have better defence , longer range or faster unit .

zerg is supposed to have the weaker unit in most cases , but this unit , is kinda an all in unit right now , and its too expensive to be an all in unit . asside from being spell fodder .

if it was not for coruptors , we loose our rear end .

i not agenst anti large unit spells , i think all the spells are great ! but they seem op at times

They need to make snipe ability into aoe instead single target. 40 damage.

This can make still strong but it won’t be as op as it is now.

na they just need to replace netural parasite with with spawn broodling . fire and forget , . fight fire with fire .

how dose one deal with big expesnive units ! Spells ! lots of spells !

Just add damage to np. So we don’t need nerf ghost because infestor be on same page.

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We do have a spell that one-shots thors and battle cruisers. Its called neural parasite and/or abduct.

Niether of those spells kill nice try.

Np cost twice as much snipe and is very vulnerable and does no damage.

Abduct is isolation spell it does no damage of it self so you need army behind it. Unlike snipe were 4 ghost with full energy can kill 16 hydras or 8 lurkers or 5 ultras vs 4 vipers nothing