Team Gosu Recruiting

Good Afternoon Starcraft Family,

Can’t get your RL friends to stop playing fortnite?
Solo Ladder got you down?
Random teammates in team ladder donating all your MMR?
Well then come join Team Gosu Build. We’re an active North American Starcraft Clan always looking for more people to join us. We host clan wars with other communities. We have an internal ladder for funsies. We always seem to have somebody online who’s willing to join for team games, peep mode (with or without active coaching), or even take a look at a replay and offer advice. Our current skill level ranges from Gold to GM, though the bulk of our players are Plat - D1. If your interested come and check us out: (sorry no links are allowed so having to be creative with the discord)


We have participation in both Alpha league and VTL. We also conduct various “Clan wars” with different communities. If this sounds like something you’d enjoy taking part in please come check us out.

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I just wanted to let everybody know we’re still looking for great people to join our community. We take people of all skill levels If you think you don’t need a clan there are a lot of hidden benefits to being in one like having a group of people to comb a replay and give you tips and pointers.

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Hello Friends,

We’ve had great success bringing new people into the fold but we still have plenty of room for new friends!

I just wanted to let everybody know we’re also starting to fiance show matches between pros. So if you want to be a part of a great community and a community that provides great free content check us out.

How do I join? I’m in plat, looking for a more social aspect to the game

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Add me on sc and I can get you connected with team gosu, StillFly#11290

Sorry for the delayed response, You can /join Team Gosu Community within Sc2 or come to the discord (linked above in the first post)

Good Afternoon friends,

I just wanted to say We’re still accepting active people. We have a bunch of clan wars and leagues we’re taking part in and want to make sure we can fill our rosters.

Are u guys still accepting new members?

Always accepting new members Spartacus, sorry for the late reply. Swing by our discord!

ladies and gentlemen! Team Gosu are here for all your sc2 needs. come join our discord for all the above benefits! plenty of spaces for new members as well

We’ve had a lot of great people joining us lately! If you haven’t swung by the discord now is the time!

We are Still on the lookout for players of all races/levels! No minimum active time required!

Team Gosu are always on the look out for new members of all skill levels, come say hi on our discord!

Always looking to add more people to our ranks, from the most casual to the most dedicated we have every type in our community and clan.

Weekly bump to show we’re still recruiting and active.

This thread has given lots of great community members let’s keep the momentum up and keep making Team Gosu a great community.

Come check out our discord for advice on any race. And we are always accepting new members

Im making a comeback i really want to join a clan and have ppl to play with