Team games match-up

Can anyone tell me what’s the match-up algorithm? I’m Platinum3, and just got matched up with a Diamond1 and a Platinum3, against a team with a Master3, a Diamond2 and a Gold1. That’s not really fair is it?

average mmr between teammates.


There’s not enough people left in the game to make it fair all the time

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That’s one of the more fair matchups I’ve seen. It regularly gives me bronze/silver teammates against diamond/master opponents. No parties involved. I am suspicious that the team matchmaker is designed this way; to often heavily rig matches for either side for a predetermined outcome thus forcing players into a 50/50 win/loss record. It seems to want unfair matches. We’re talking 8-10k mmr discrepancies regularly. This BS is further compounded by the commonality of smurfing and arranged team vs random team. Basically, when you sign up for a team game you are signing up for a 1vsX and should be aware of that.

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its still average mmr. Just because the pics say there in what ever league doesnt mean that there mmr is there. Team games go by the average of the three teammates.

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Averaging MMR is a bad idea in RT. For ex. 5k+1k vs. 3k+3k is NOT a balanced game.

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The search algorithm starts out narrow, meaning it looks for closer MMR matches.

However, if too much time passes (queuing population is low), it expands the MMR range that it will allow. Otherwise it would take forever to get into a game. And the matching gets worse the more players it needs to find (3v3, 4v4). Like CollegeWings mentioned above, it’s more of a population issue.

During the various peaks in SC2’s life, it would have made much more appropriate matches.


New/more maps would bring more players back into team games. I don’t know why we can’t just have a map pool with 10+ maps. I would buy diablo immortal if we could have Augustine Fall back in.

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Again I came to ask the same thing, no matter how much they answer that it is according to the similar MMR that does not convince me, today I have lost 12 games in a row, I am a diamond, I have all had to play with 3 silvers or goldies or bronzes vs 2 diamonds + 2 platinums . And now, watch the last match up… how is this possible?

Team 1 Team 2
Diamond Level 1 Diamond Level 3 (me)
Diamond Level 2 Platinum Level 3
Platinum Level 2 Platinum Level 1
Platinum Level 2 Silver Level 1
(i have the screenshot and replay)

I honestly don’t think it’s because of MMR anymore, I just think the algorithm is made to keep you addicted to playing from time to time. I have saved many games in which the match up does not make any sense.

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Remember that there is ALSO a bug which assigns people to wrong leagues and assigns wrong frames. Some “masters” have bronze MMR and some “bronze” have diamond MMR, etc.

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There are very small divisions within team games compared to 1v1. 1 or 2 games can jump you several leagues in either direction, so there really aren’t enough people in teams to pair against even opponents consistently. I play with a couple friends in low diamond and regularly get people from all leagues

Long search time = more spread in rank. There tends to be good balance except vs pre mades but it does tend to come down to whoever has the biggest noob loses.