Takes on Blizzard's Oct 2020 Announcement

I’d rather they won’t. The discussion is fun. Plus, even if they do, I don’t know ‘who’ exactly Blizzard is, anymore…


Wouldn’t also mind knowing if Raynor is Stone’s father.

I would love for them to do this.

It’s kind of Star Warsing in the sense that everyone is related, but it fits established canon so sure I wouldn’t mind that either.

How are you Siberian adventures with the cutest Brittish psycho?

I actually meant releasing the canon order for “Legacy of the Void.”

And good. I’m taking my time exploring the Geothermal Valley. I also have about 91% completion for the Soviet Installation; found all the Challenge Tombs there.

You’re right about Scrambling; it’s no where near as good as the first game’s.

Is this about the Brittish girl who starts killing spree and found out how much she loves blood? I always love how she escalate from self-defend to shoot grenade into a crowd in a span of days.

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Yes, the next installment of her adventures. I mean… that grenade is still a self-defense when you are stuck on an island full of murderous psychos.

Geothermal Valley is probably the hardest to complete. It’s one of the two locations where I am missing something. Here I am missing two bullseyes.

Did you go for the Baba Yaga mission? It’s really better to do it early. It has one of the more annoying puzzles and also it’s a great location to return to for ammo (should not be relevant for you, I restocked here only on the toughest difficulty).

Not to mention it unlocks the Poison Ivy playstyle.

What’s your favorite anyway? MacGyver or Hawkeye is my guess.

I like the Baba Yaga expansion. Something about it’s mystery that turns out to be plausible really do it for me.

Is it? I believe it’s them who shoot in self-defend at that point.

Aren’t they kill or join cult? They are. Case closed.

Or maybe Stone is just John Raynor, it’s probably common practice to declare someone dead to be able to use him more militarily.

What was that topic about?

Which one? There are so many topic going on in any given thread.

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I’m missing two or three Bullseyes at this point. I also enjoying throwing chickens off ledges.

And no, no Baba Yaga yet, and yeah, I haven’t found ammo or resources difficult to come by.

I forget the exact breakdown of your playstyle names, but generally I stealth kill with the Bow until discovered, then I use my Pistol or Rifle (which now has a Grenade Launcher) and make use of crafting bombs and molitoves.

I’ve done some melee too, but yeah, it’s not as good this time around.

That’s Hawkeye, MacGyver with a splash of Rambo.

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One of the reasons why I didn’t indulge in MacGyver as much was that when I got the grasp of the game I was already playing on harder difficulties, where resources are rarer and spending them on stuff that’s not permanent would be inefficient.

Throwing chickens off the cliff is fun, but did you threw them back into the pen yet? Did you make all the high jumps? Did you play pumpkin basketball already?

P.S. Real issues finding these last two. I actually tried to look for them after an some time.

I gotta say that I definitely prefer to look for challenges in this one over the first. The previous game is too vertical. The environment here feels more natural.


Ah. For my second playthrough, I was going to play on Seasoned Raider to make things a little harder. The lack of Health Regeneration in Combat will make things much harder, as I rarely need to heal myself now.

Yes, though originally I was jumping into the pen and the chicken would autodrop, but not count. I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working and had to look that up. Apparently you actually need to throw them in.

For the jumps, I’ve tried at places hat I though would work, but nothing is counting so far. No Gourd Basketball yet.

Have you played Shadow of the Tomb Raider yet?

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