Takes on Blizzard's Oct 2020 Announcement

So SC3 campaign confirmed to still be in the Koprulu Sector?

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No, they are saying there is not sc3, not new content, not new lore, not anything not professional scene related, but sugarcoated.


… No, thats not what they said at all. It means SC2 is no longer going to be the main medium for Starcraft content. Thats it.


Hey, don’t be so pessimistic. I’m sure there are sime moblie game along the road, or maybe even card game with ton of micro-transaction. It’s unlikely that Blizz… I mean Activition will let such a franchise whizzle out in peace.


And here I thought I was good at corporate jargon.

we’re not going to be producing additional for-purchase content, such as Commanders and War Chests, but we will continue doing season rolls and necessary balance fixes moving forward.

So we’re looking at minimal patches like those after BW 1.11+? Like Ritz said, no more new paid content (skins, commanders, mission packs) - only minor tweaks or bug-breaking glitches?

Am I right in thinking this means “don’t expect anything for the next few to several years while we figure out how to further monetize this IP”? Or does it mean “don’t be surprised if we release future spinoff mobile apps with microtransactions”?

This last part is what cemented in my mind that SC3 will still take place in the Koprulu Sector. I mean things could change, but that was my takeaway since everything else is so vague.

This obsession people have with Diablo Immortal is unhealthy. By every metric ive seen, its been a colossal waste of resources and source of bad press. There is, quite simply, no reason for them to continue down that road.

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No, it means there won’t be anymore Starcraft content. Ever. And I hope I am wrong.

Why wouldn’t they considering microtransactions made half their earnings, $3.4 billion, last year?


As much as we love games, these studios are companies first and fan-pleasers second.

Because for microtransactions to work, people have to want to actually play the game first.

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Why would you? Given the amount of brain drain, I wish Activition never touch it with a ten mile ploe.

No more warchests and commanders is weird. I was under the impression they were pretty profitable. Guess Blizz thinks those resources will be more profitable elsewhere.

I’m now never going to get my Purifier building skins, and yes, I am salty about that.


We had to have known this was coming for a while, honestly. Especially after blizzcon last year.

My opinion is that, after 2 years when the ESL contract is up, SC2 will lose players and the esports scene sticks for a few years in Europe. Besides that, I doubt we’ll see anything officially SC related for however long it takes Activision to figure out what to do with it. In the mean time, the modding/mapping scene might grow with all the new editor additions, but I think this game will slowly bleed active players until something new comes out.

It’s honestly hard to say what will happen in context of the RTS market overall, since many games have tried to push into the monolithic market share held by SC2 but most seemed to fail to make a meaningful difference. However, I have high hopes for the Blizzard vets over at Mike Morhaime’s new studio, even if I’m expecting some kind of an RPG first.

Story Forum-wise, it will probably look exactly like the past 4 years minus the warchest description/comic discussions.

Don’t mention it! Don’t you know that the name ‘DreamHaven’ invokes the wrath of some childish mod? This post might be deleted! (Half-Joke, the most important thread of this Forum was deleted because we discuss about DreamHaven.)

I know, I figured if I didn’t mention them by name it would skip the autofilters. But you may have just doomed us all by mentioning it.
Yeah, I saw that earlier this week I think. Tragic, really.

It was a travesty we lost the first 1200 or so pages on the Old Forum already.

To be honest, I’m just using you as an excuse to type the name DreamHaven. I want to type the name DreamHaven in every thread possible. I’m curious as to how many time the name DreamHaven must be typed before the Mod delete any given thread. Do you think they will literally delete every thread once the name DreamHaven was typed too often?

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Since there is no more comics, can Blizzard release a canonical mission order to Legacy of the Void?