Swarm Host "Unborrow" hotkey remaps to "R" in Game

Changed Swarm Host hotkey for “Unborrow” along with many other hotkeys. This is the only 1 that continuously does not change in game. After Swarm Host burrows, Unborrow is only ever set to R. This was reported back in May but seeing as the new forums may have forgotten about this one - reminding that this is still an issue - maybe the borrowed swarm host acts as a different doodad than the unborrowed unit?


Same here. Please fix as this is a huge issue for me. I can only play with one hand so not being able to switch hotkeys to my mouse is fatal. Things like this make it look like nobody cares about this game or at least SH, which is a bad look.

I’ve encountered this and just wanted to add a workaround that has fixed it for me.

Make sure you have SC2 closed, then open your hotkeys file in a text editor and look for the line SwarmHostBurrowUp=
Delete whatever key(s) after the ‘=’ which you don’t want (default R), and add the one(s) you do want.

Your hotkey file should be in:
%USERPROFILE%\Documents\StarCraft II\Accounts\<account number>\Hotkeys.

The bug appears to be that when you set the Unburrow hotkey via the UI it sets the hotkey for BurrowUp which most Zerg units use, but doesn’t change the hotkey for SwamHostBurrowUp which Swarm Hosts use.

Changing the Burrow hotkey via the UI seems to set both BurrowDown and SwarmHostBurrowDown, so presumably the fix is to make Unburrow on the UI set both BurrowUp and SwarmHostBurrowUp.

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It’s November now and still do not fixed =|

Try doing what skelde suggested.

Posting to mention this bug is still active.
The user can change what is displayed in the Menu > Options > Hotkeys U.I., but in-game the hotkey does not change.

It’s now 2021 and but still exists :frowning:.

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This bug still hasn’t been fixed. Skelde’s hack works.


You need the following lines in your hotkeys file:


If one or both are missing, just add them below the other SwarmHost-lines in your hotkey file and write your hotkey of choice behind the “=” symbol.

How I figured it out:
The line “SwarmHostRootBurrow=hotkey” was completely missing in my hotkeys file, so I could only burrow the swarmhost with “R” while unburrow was working with my hotkey of choice. I added the missing line and after that burrow and unburrow works with my hotkey of choice.

I figured this out by asking myself how would one write the missing line :smiley: Blizzard forgot some lines in there hotkeys file while coding the units to use the missing lines. I got the same type of error with building the orbital command center in the WoL Campaing which is on hotkey “C” by default. But I could not figure out the missing line for building the orbital command center yet, seems to be more difficult :smiley: