Swapping 2nd CC with Second Supply Depot

Instead of Reaper FE, I do Reaper SE. Typically the second supply depot comes after second command center, but I make it supply depot before the 2nd command center.

I have won more games doing this. But I have yet to master micro and macro to get me into higher leagues.


  • Enemy is more likely to lose mining time and have one or two worker scouts for proxies you are not even doing.
  • Hides intention to expand or rush.
  • Forces enemy to spend resources to get over wall or break wall.
  • Concentrates any aggression to a small area (wall), which is vulnerable to splash damage (tank or mine).

Delays your own expansion slightly, for the result of causing opponent to doubt their build, delay their tech or expansion(s) being cautious of your lack of cards revealed.


On top of this I don’t give away my factory or starport behind the barracks. I make my opponent work hard to scout me. Overlord dives always die if they don’t have speed upgrade. Adepts can’t get in, and Reaper(s)of enemies which would have been more effective going to and fro your own natural and main, is made less effective because they are forced to only harass a concentrated area protected by your forces.

Sure your expansion is delayed a bit, but it significantly reduces your opponent’s access to information, and effectiveness of harassment.


Edit: High ground 2nd CC away from wall vision.

Hmmmmmmmm, well… how umm… away from the wall is it? That tells you how worth it it is… If it takes a long time to get to the natural, no and the thing is, dont do this versus T. T has to much of a good economy and im so sorry my answer is sloppy im just really tired. T has mules so its economy will be harder to beat when you delay the expansions is my tl;dr

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I think you should train your micro and building placement (especially bunker timing and placement).
Defending rushes / cheeses efficiently is what sets better players apart from beginners and average players.
You seem to play too hesitantly and too indecisive. You have to take risks to get ahead. The better your micro, scouting and multitasking, the easier it is to get away with an economical lead.
That’s why everyone tells you to train the basics.

What you describe is exactly the main problem in gold / platinum and low diamond: an efficient opening with no overmins in the first 5 minutes whatsoever.

That does NOT mean that your ideas are bad. Not at all.
You just have to have the right perspective (macro well) to apply them right.

So feel free to link any replay _links with a _ in front to get feedback from at least 3 people so you can improve faster.
(Or just try to invent the wheel again but are you smarter than the experience of millions of players? I’m certainly not that smart. But I can macro better than you even, if I rarely play terran; assuming you are below 3.4k-ish mmr.)