Swann prestige killed Swann twice

I expected immortality protocol for goliath, was dissapointed.


Hercules didn’t deserve a prestige let alone did they ever even need a buff.


I don’t use any of the prestige benefits. On the other hand, the disadvantages are on things I pretty much always use. Count me out of all 3 prestiges.


Well the whole idea of the prestige system wasn’t so much patching weaknesses in COs, as it was providing new ways to play the various COs. Not to say that there aren’t some that are basically straight upgrades, or that all of Swann’s are all that usable of course.


Finally got Swann all 3 prestiges and can now use him with max mastery.

The first prestige is terrible. Y’all don’t need me to tell y’all this.

2nd prestige does indeed buff his turrets, but… I don’t think it helps them that much. Swann already had some of the best defense’s due to them having AOE, and being able to be refunded. The upgrades do certainly increase their damage, but with the upgrade Fire Suppression not doing anything, they don’t have any extra survivability. And then we have to remember that one of Swann’s best defensive unit is the Siege Tank. A weapon that, with Hercs, can do both defense and offense easily. This makes his defense’s do better against enemy comps that it already excels in murdering. It’s a nifty prestige, but ultimately I’ve found that tanks have been, and always will be his greatest defense/offense unit.

The 3rd and final prestige with the Herc…not gonna lie, I really like. The biggest gain is the instant drop, and increased pick up range. I already loved the Herc/tank combo, and with proper micro, I can drop, shoot, and pick up the whole battle group instantly. So quick in fact, that if there’s a cloaked banshee around me, I can drop, shoot, and scoop before his missiles ever do any damage. This goes for other enemy attacks as well. It’s fun, and you do still have the lazor call downs…just less use of them. I’m okay with it, though I could also agree that it may not add too much to his playstyle.

Ultimately though, I can agree that these don’t actually change his playstyle much. The 1st prestige has the potential to, but it’s not worth it in it’s current iteration. The second one makes his turrets better, but you would have already been using them on the missions where you use them. And the third makes his herc/tank combo better, but it’s still herc/tank combo with the ability to carry the kitchen sink as well.


Well, the nice thing about Swann’s towers is that they cost no gas, cost no supply, require no micro, and can be quickly built if you pile on SCVs.

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His first prestige his garbage. His second two are situational but very powerful in the right ones.

He doesn’t need any buffs to his ramp up times or unit costs. If you actually used the third prestige and used Herc micro effectively high train costs wont matter because of how cost efficient your units are.

Swann was strong and is strong now. Nothing ever has killed him.

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Swann’s Prestige (much like Artanis’ Prestige) is a Prestige I’m simply never going to touch. Swann is almost as irritating as Karax to level since most of his important upgrades come later in his leveling process; unlike Karax who’s level 1 massively buffs his static defense (and whose static D can far outperform Swann’s static D mastery) and whose prestige 2 makes going robo army extremely fun, Swann’s masteries are mostly just disappointments. The laser splash is next to useless, his P2 is okay but still outclassed by Karax P1, and his P3 is the only marginally useful prestige talent he has. He now has a viable reason to actually bother with Hercs instead of just going max Goliaths and being able to steam roll everything. I personally have never bothered with Hercs since mass Goliath is just easier to do while still being effective, so I guess this mastery is nice for those who do go Hercs? Still not something I’m going to bother with, especially since I’d have to re-level him to 15 two times before unlocking this one anyway.

Quite a few prestige talents fall pretty flat, and can only help they’ll be improved in the future.


They can’t make 54 new ideas appeal to every player. As soon as there are two people there will be different preferences.

However everyone should be able to find something to their taste amongst 54 prestiges.


I’m not fond of Swann prestige. They showed love for Raynor but little for Swann. Maybe the third prestige is good, u can jump around the map with transports and unloading is almost instance.

Artanis’ second prestige is pretty good if u like dps. It suits ppl with certain play style.


Rather ironic considering pre-Prestige, Karax caught a nontrivial amount of flak!


Would love to have a drill prestige, an army prestige and a meme prestige (a heroic Swann for example.)


who said prestige for strength the weakness? lol

Most of the negatives seem to be stronger than the benefits not just for Swann.


You know how in an interview you want to highlight your strengths? That’s how prestige works. Don’t focus on the disadvantage and thinking somehow you gonna make that work, you won’t.

Some prestige are like some people, just not that good no matter how you look at it. Luckily, there are 54 of them to tickle your fancy.

Swann’s p1 is seriously not worth the trade-in. I think in order to make it worth the loss of massive AOE damage that the abilities provided, they should consider some of the following:
-Remove the Lock On timer that always starts to kill something right when it seems to die anyway, thus underperforming your overall DPS. Having an near-instant laser would go a long way in helping this feel fun and compensatory. Either a completely reduced timer, or reduced in 3 stages with each laser upgrade; base (prestiged), lv1 and lv2.

  • Double the splash radius & increase to full damage. Right now, even when you seem to manual target the middle enemy, it doesn’t seem very effective, especially when the old nuke was so much better at it.
    -Or, remove splash entirely and replace it with a splitter beam, like a prismatic void ray: The longer it fires on the same target, the more beams break off to hit nearby targets, at reduced damage. Variables like number of secondary targets and secondary beam damage could be scaled to the upgrades.

and i’ll always be a fan of shooting 2 units at once with my goliaths. :blush:

No one did. Just this dude.

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i never understand why swann cannot buy more update for is lazer
why is cap to level 2 ???
imagine you can buy 5 or 6 level
the lazer could be realy more interesting
is max dps is 50 why not more
most of the hero have a better dps

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