[Suggestion] Vorazun P2: Give Withering Siphon to Black Hole

It’s no secret that Vorazun’s second prestige is very difficult to use, especially in the early game and when you’re still under level 15, since your first units aren’t really strong enough to take on the first wave directly. This is certainly a problem on Rifts to Korhal where the first attack wave is abnormally early (it spawns at 2:00), and if it’s Zerglings, Vultures or Hellions, you’re going to have a hard time.

The main thing with the prestige is that overall damage is significantly reduced, but its main pro does not come into play until the late-game really, when Disruption Web and Dark Archons are available, and Darkcoil to a lesser extent.

With that in mind, I would like to suggest that Black Hole also causes the effects of Withering Siphon, so it can be used in the early stages of a match to soften up the first attack wave. If there’s a concern that this will be far too strong, especially with a competent ally or with mastery points invested into its duration, then Black Hole’s cost could be increased to 50 energy as compensation.

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As a P2 Vorazun main all you need to do is to use use a dark pylon near the ramp and wall it off with your initial buildings.

Assuming your partner isn’t helping you to defend you can do it all yourself and your initial zealots can wipe out the early wave or at the very least buy enough time to get more units out and/or rush Darkcoil.

After that you have all the time in the world to tech up to Dark Archons and you’re pretty much set.

A more risky and dangerous way to play is to just save energy until you can get your Shadow Guard but you would need to face melee only units and run a probe or centurion forward to draw the wave away repeatedly.


Even as a level 1 P2 Vorazun, you have the option to wall off on RtK and drop a Dark Pylon. This gives you ample time to get enough units out to deal with wave 1, clear expansion and deal with wave 2 after that.

Alternatively, as level 1, you have no actual benefit (no castables that allow you to deal its prestige-dmg). You can skip the initial 2 gases, as there are next to nothing that needs gas so readily. This in turn allow you to saturate main on mineral line far faster, saves you minerals both in workers and assimilators. The result is that you can make several cannons along with the Dark Pylon for similar strategy (ie. wall + cannons now).

Both of these work perfectly fine. It is about figuring out with the tools you have. (And I’ve tested it on RtK Zerg solo, against wave 1 lings).

Playing sub15 is often times like playing mutation. It is about figuring out the things you need. Both are a slightly different puzzle, use the tools you have to solve it. It’s just the volume/type of enemy differs (with often different timings of mutators the players now have to memorize, on top of the map timings).

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Those are pretty thoughtful responses @HappySack and @FearrWhalins - thank you. You do have to play her very differently on P2.

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For some reason I thought Withering Siphon damage wouldn’t be reflected with Double Edge mutator and I was contemplating playing with it again for just this reason (as its such a common mutator on B+1).

However, reddit says it is reflected. This is what I would want changed as Double Edge is so hard to play against as Vorazun (pretty much have to rely on Shadow Fury).