(suggestion) Terran needs a melee unit

Alright, having played the game since pretty close to release I have always had one thing I strongly believed would make the game more fun/“balanced”.

Terran needs a melee unit.

Zerg start with zerlings, and can get other units like banes and ults. as well, queens and roachs (at least I think roaches) have a “melee” attack animation when within a certain range. protoss have the zealot, which is undoubtedly one of the most versatile and powerful units when applied in pretty much any mannor. dark templar are well, frickin good and cool too.

so seeing how the other races get cool melee units, terran should at least get something. (and NO, hellbats do not count)

now I know one of terrans strengths is its range. so as to not effect early game too much I believe it should be a midgame unit, or a new animation for an already existing one, if for nothing but the atmosphere. hear me one

option 1: Midgame unit
I imagine if it were a new unit it would have to bring something new to the table, and would more then likely resemble the terran unit that was going to be added to LOTV but got replaced by the cyclone, or whatever happened. back on topic, I believe this unit should have one primary use, tanking. something like a zealot, but its ability would be one you actively cast. heres my outline: like a marauder size, slightly slimmer maybe. now its ability and weapon go hand-in-hand. it has a melee attack using some sort of electric weapon, that sparks on contact with other units and occasionally while idol. this could be a polearm or golves. the researchable abilitiy at the barracks lab is energy leap, where the unnamed unit can jump a short distanct, landing dealing 5-10 damage(middle 10 : outter 5) and pulls in all units nearby. this would be its seller.

now option 2: the new animation
this may sound really dumbed down in comparison to whats above, but the ask is simple. remember that part in the wings of lib campaign where we see a marine or someone use a BAYONET on the gauss rifle against a ling? yeah. thats it. hell the War Pig skin already has the knife, so then when enemies get close it should switch to a swipe or jab with the weapon. same damage and attacks and all that, but it would bring it together so much. at least for me. I know its not an actual melee unit, but if you can give me anything blizz make it that!

Its called the SCV. It is actually used in combat when pulling the bois so it counts.


thats true, but im referring to combat unit. yes pulling the bois is a strat they arent really there for damage, more so repairing and taking damage

Helion/helbat IS TERRAN MELEE UNIT(hoever curently it is just a poop on wheels). And activision realy needs to fix it whitout ruining the game for toss or range zerg.
(toue Part Zerg comunity is going to complain and post cringy forums no matter what).

Maybe +5 amor just like the coop should do the trick?