Suggestion: hallucinated prism can use an hallucinated phasing mode

Hallucinating is a very clever gameplay idea. However, it is very rarely used as the value it provides is not worth its cost. I believe some adjustments can make it more interesting and playable.

An hallucinated prism does not lure anybody: sent to a base, it just does not do anything and the enemy player realises by its unatural behavior that this is not a threat and simply an hallucination.

  • Suggestion 1: give the ability to the hallucinated prism to enter into an hallucinated phase mode. Hence, an enemy seeing a prism doing something might be taking more seriously.
  • Suggestion 2: give the ability to hallucinated prisms to carry hallucinated units.
  • Suggestion 3: when the hallucinated prism enter the hallucinated phase mode, the player can warp hallucinated units from Warpgates that will cost 50% of the original cost of the units. (Maybe this last feature would need to be researched in a cybernetic core or somewhere to be used)

If you like the idea or have suggestions, please react to give more exposure to this post and have the devs read it. Hallucinations are nice and nobody uses them sadly.

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Since when? It’s the best option for scouting Protoss have.
PLUS it can sometimes fool your enemy thinking it’s a real unit (hallucinated Oracle, Collosus or Archon can have nice effect if there is no detection)

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Hallucinations are used in every matchup… Mostly PvP, sometimes in PvZ, and less so in PvT, but people do use them. I think all the extra changes you’re suggesting is unnecessary. It’s so niche people will barely use them, especially since people would rather have real fighting units than mass sentry to pull off such a trick.

For scooting its nice indeed. But then? That’s it. When would someone hallucinate a prism? Almost never.

They are rarely used mate. I’ve been watching 10’000 replays and pro games and the occurences of plays involving them are very quite rare. Against Terran its particularely useless because of the number of scans/

I dont really think that it is a niche thing to harass with a warp prism in an enemy base, even less to not consider changes to a feature that is underplayed because it is niche (sounds like the chicken and the egg problem)