Suggested Feature for Achievements

You know what feature will be very welcomed? If there is some form of notification if something you do triggers a failed achievement. Rather than completing the entire mission only to wonder where you went wrong.

But then, now that SC2 is pretty much dead, doubt this will happen. Sigh.


What Id like is a way to “pin” an achievement for tracking purpose to your console somewhere. I believe Xbox might have this feature?

So you could have said achievement alway visible as you play.
This would be great for “kill 200 enemies using mines” or similar where you need to hit a certain number.
But also for ones like your suggesting. As soon as you fail the condition for your tracked achievement it could get a red X through it.
Like a timed achievement could show the minutes you have left to achieve it, then go red X if you breach that time limit.

Like you said though… the games 10 years old. Cant see these kind of changes being brought in now :frowning:


this will be great actually i know i struggle some times tracking so this is a great idea

Sadly, I don’t think Blizzard ever reads these