Substance abuse vs Patch abuse

10 time world champion RTS player Jimmy Jo Jambles has finally stopped playing Army Men RTS on the gamecube and has installed starcraft 2.

Without dropping a single game as random, he has progressed his way to diamond, confident that he can beat anyone and ladder is a waste of time.

Jimmy has offered you a prize of 1,100,100jj* if you can beat him in a offline match tomorrow at the local pub.

Your a protoss or a terran main, and very little time to spare, someone offers you a magical substance to help you perform at your peak, while someone else offers you last minute zerg training to abuse the most recent patch.

Due to story telling limitations, you only have the time to choose 1 of the following aids.
Do you abuse the patch, or abuse the substance?
Which one do you trust in more for a chance at reigning victorious over Jimmy Jo Jambles tomorrow at the pub?

** = Jimmy Jangles have no equivalent monetary value.

this is retarded. stop posting

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I take it you do not like role playing, the backbone to one of the most succesfullest franchies at blizard of all time???

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Honestly, I would rather win off my own merit rather than substance abuse. I’d still stick with my chosen race too.

Imagine needing advice just to beat a Diamond player, lmao. Just give me a redbull (along with a sponsorship) and i’d beat him ez.

Considering that all the proplayers and many top performers have a prescription for pharmaceutical speed and nobody is testing for PEDs in this scene and I would say you have your answer already.

Play on the KR ladder and you’ll run unto a 700APM amphetamine user.

Get off the stage and go to your room.