Stuttering when switching between a command center and SCV rapidly

I have noticed when i’m at the start of the game if I control group my command center and a scouting SCV and spam between the two it makes my fps stutter down 30-40 fps on average. The only fix I have found is to disable the Voices Check box in the audio options… but as you would know playing without the voices saying when units are ready and so forth is not the way I have played all my life and don’t want to start playing that way now… anyone have any fixes other then that?

Additional info. Specs are a 1080Ti, 7700k, 16 GB of ram, I play on low because I thought it could have been a graphical issue but realized it wasn’t, the sad part is I average about 280 fps and when I spam its 240 but stuttering noticeably when at 240 it should still look smooth as butter…

I have no other issues with FPS or lag in game except the specifically mentioned issue with the specific fix which is not my 1st solution.

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