Stukov - Prestige Tips?

Hey guys,

I decided to “prestige” Stukov first so far his first prestige feels very underwhelming and I now got this feeling that all of his prestige options are weaker then just playing without? : /
What do you think?

Cost of infested marine was decreased from 25 to 15 so no prestige is better than normal Stukov in brutal.

I think you should use what works for you. Prestige can be swapped or entirely turned off during your re-level, so choose the one that works for your style.


Not necessarily weaker, but certainly more limited.
You can mass a lot of diamondbacks and tanks with the first Prestige, and use spare minerals for marines, or bunkers if it’s a longer map.
Once you have upgrades and mech attack speed mastery again, it’s quite good. When levelling I would probably use Stukov’s standard load-out though instead of the first Prestige, at least until level 9.
The second and third aren’t all that great, the second one mostly seems like a mutation counter, useful for ferrying units to avoid aoe mutators.

The third one is for if you only want to use bunkers as unit spawners, and don’t want to bother with emptying bunkers. Basically turning it just as braindead as some people have always accused the bunker style of being.
A constant trickle of units, but you lose the ability to unleash a whole bunch at once.
And you don’t have a defensive structure anymore, which can be a tad annoying.


Question, now that Infested Bunkers are technically production buildings in prestige 3, do Karax’s Chrono Wave work on it or it doesn’t like other Stukov’s production building?

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How are you supposed to fill infested tanks with ammo if you take the mecha prestige?
Usually they feed on colonists but that’s disabled. Don’t tell me you need a field of infested bunkers just to feed your tanks, you really can’t afford that if you go mech. The 30 second self-regeneration with the research is just not enough, and as far as I know they don’t eat units that cost money (ie. troopers from barracks).

They still eat trooper came from bunker btw :wink:

Stukov’s first prestige should allow overseer and armory requirement to be factory or starport, to avoid the need of building a factory when going full air.

So I am now on the third prestige.
P1 is very good :slight_smile: diamondbacks stack for life.
P2 is weird, dont see a reason to use it, to much micro with little to no real gain (maybe some very specific mutation…)
P3 so far it feels pretty medicore I probably need lvl 15 with 30 points on infantry duration.

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Now you know the greatness of Diamondbacks.
Prestige 3 looks great, I love playing zombie march with Stukov and this prestige makes it even better.

Prestige 2 is a shame, it’s more closely to QoL than actual prestige (It’s not bad but lacking).
I personally wish Banshee can bloat infested with Plague and infect ground enemies while Infested Liberator infect sky units with its virus swarms.
Too bad Blizzard is too sensitive about COVID (they replaced plague brutation with something else awhile ago).

He knows. Having Broodling spawns (Infest Structure) to replenish Volatile Infested would be nice.

I think it’s for those nuke, snow mutations that really screw up the infested push, so instead of using prestige 1 amd go mech all the way, you use banshees to bring the infested towards the enemy base, also stacking more infested as they don’t run out inside the banshee.

I guess they felt Infested Siege Tanks were so good that nerfing them via no ICC was the way to compensate for all the other buffs.

actually im leveling stukov p1 to p3 max using p1, and only diamondback and detector, no tanks ships etc, (map repeadly void trash, P1-P3, yes it boring thankyou. im not sure the other maps can do good, ), he can shoot while moving for this void trahs is supprisingly good. just klick2 move klick klick move kite…

Don’t u feel strange that this smol banshee can stack up 16 boys inside?

Stukov watched the 87 Predator movie.

Infested aren’t as complain-y as actual Terrans. You can squeeze them into a small banshee and they won’t mind.

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You certainly can stack 16 corpses in a banshee, which is essentially 16 infested.

They don’t need comfort for their existence is agony itself.

Just stick to the first prestige and mass diamondbacks bro.