Stukov mech prestige doesnt reduce cost of mech units

for example, in stukov’s factory one tank is originally 200/100/3 and it is now showed as 140/70/3. however, when u buy one tank with 140/70 at hand, the factory will only throw out an egg without anything in it, then wait till u get additional 60/30 in bank, steal them and then start that tank’s 30+ seconds hatching.

Did you put this in the PTR bug forum? They may not see it here

hmm isnt here ptr bug report forum?

It does seem to be, yeah. Ha, my brain apparently can’t handle this many forums

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I noticed this too when massing Diamondbacks. My resource count kept dropping by itself. I never took Stukov for a bait-and-switch salesman but I guess a man’s gotta eat.

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