Stuck in "Entering lobby" Also when searching ladder game, gets stuck in "connecting" just after it finds a game

I can’t play ladder games in EU or NA server. Whenever I find a game, it gets stuck in “connecting”. I am from EU.
It seems to work in Korean server. But not in NA or EU server.
News : it works when i use my phone 4G connexion.
So I run a pathping and traceroute to the EU blizzard servers and I noticed something. There is a big latency at this server : []
The pathping stops at this server and doesn’t continue after. Also there is 25% packet loss in this server. This specific server is associated to blizzard entertainment isp. It’s located in Netherlands. Can you confirm there is a problem with this server ? Maybe it’s clogged. And if so, can you tell me what to do to fix this ? Cause the problems seems to be on blizzard’s end.

Please help, thanks.

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