Stripes and spots

Seriously i want stripes and spots for my Zerg units. If Terran can have a barracks you cant tell if its making marines why can’t i get zebra tiger, skunk stripes or leopard spots for my units? I know you guys are in maintenance mode but seriously i’d pay for it.

And furthermore it is my opinion that the spine crawler should root faster.

Mods can do it, if you find someone to design whatever files are needed for that.
I know those things called “overlays” can modify graphics to some extent, but I’m not sure if they can affect units…less likely.

If it was trolling, too bad, with such a title I guess nobody would find any information in this topic.

edit: are you seriously serious?
This is Bug Report, not for feature requests, especially if you know it’s in maintenance mode.
And the last bit on the spine crawler sound completely like trolling by saying some random last stuff unrelated to a bug or anything like one.

Why would this be trolling? I just want neat biological patterns for my Zerg units.