Stopping a cannon rush

How can I best scout for cannon rush, if they have cannons outside my main before my reaper finishes up?

scout when your gas is 50% done / when you start your barracks afaik
–> bunker, 1 tank, liberator or banshee (protoss should be behind on tech)
–> 2 probes = probably cannon-rush
–> a tank completely stops a cannon rush so the main thing is to contain the cr with a bunker and SCVs so scouting around the ramp and the main base should be fine.
–> Scout more than normal if there is no normal scout like no probe at all, probe coming from the wrong angle, probe coming in too early, 2 probes of course

Or just watch some cannon-rusher protoss (printf, parting maybe, pillipilli?, …) and watch the game time but also for cannon positions.

Depending on your meta, maybe scv scout at 16, but keys are not to panic, make depots right away, and get cyclone (quick) or tank.

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Well I did have my factory building a tech lab, but by that time they had cannon hopped into my main and were hitting my cc and depot wall

hmm, want to share the replay?

How? Gujjjjjjjjjjjjj

http:/ / sc2replaystats. com /

and post the
like this, please


I was wondering how to get around that.

Hey I recorded one of my Cannon rush defenses hopefully this helps.
My rule of thumb is always take out the pylon then get a siege tank out asap.

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+depot placement
+showing that scouting and a fast tank are key

-the question was about diamond level cannon rush so good cannon placement (where you should scout on a certain map) and multitasking (what is most important)

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You are right I didnt realize it was for diamond but hopefully if someone sees this thread and is freaking out still whenever they get cannon rushed it might help.

Don’t worry about giving a “weird” answer. You never know who is interested in the topic and your post might help a lot of players.
I learned something from a platinum player today so being arrogant about once league / skill only means that you’ll miss opportunities to learn something new or bring knowledge into a wider perspective.