Stetmann's mecha-swarm teased in WoL

I was replaying Wings of Liberty casually when I read this part of an info box on the Zerg tank Stetmann held in the Hyperion that grew throughout the whole game (I quote):

Another breakthrough, and this one scares me. I mapped my way through the DNA of some brain tissue, peering back thousands of years, and I isolated the strain from which the zerg Overmind was derived. Not enough to clone the Overmind, but I could follow this strand into how it controlled the zerg.

I’m sure a lot of people probably found out about this randomly already, but I find it funny how this incidentally connects with how Stetmann managed to create his own mecha-swarm.

For the record, whether this is an appropriate subject to talk about here or not I’m not 100% sure about but I thought it was a nice discovery I wanted to share with other people.

You will hard press to find a topic that is not appropriate to discuss here. Really, we got so weird over time.

Anyway, those tidbits are nice, but yeah everybody here is so horny for the lore that we are all know it.

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I mean, it was probably made for the hive mind emulator but sure, it could be that too.


Yeah, heavily hinted its for the hive mind emulator. It would make sense for Stemann’s army if they were organic zergs, not robots.


Scientific breakthroughs aren’t a one-and-done thing. If Stetmann can apply the technology to suborn living zerg, he can probably use that same tech to control his mechaswarm.

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How exactly? The Mecha Swarm is basically an army of robot in a shape of the Zerg. Controlling them should be like controlling a bunch of robot than Zerg.


In a way I guess stetmann pulled inspiration from the hivemind function the zerg opperate to create his Mecha-swarm. “Controlling a bunch of bots” just seems like a much more boring answer.

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And much more reasonable.

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Well, you could say that he used Hive mind as a model for his Zerg’s controlling program. However, in the end it’s still a program that he used to control a bunch of robot.

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It seems the UED knew this information 4 years before Stetmann.

I am calling Falcon Arthas from now on.

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Sylvanas is more fitting. Arthas is so 2000s.

Wanna join Discord? You won’t have to necro there.

You really want this place to die, don’t you?

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Yes. I work extensively, but I don’t want to cheat.

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This place has been dead for years. The switch to Discord amongst the leftover folk, and Blizzard making it official that they were done making SC2 content shortly after the Mengsk Co-op Commander dlc was released was the final nail.

Alright made a discord account. What’s the channel?


Yeah, I made an account pureply for this as well.


That’s not the mecha swarm. That’s him explaining how he is creating the psi tower that can control zerg. It’s the last research piece. The zerg controlling tower. Or the slow zerg one.

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