Stetmann's Dependency is broken

Currently, StarCOOP uses an ‘Include.xml’ to load the mod ‘egonstetmann.SC2Mod’. This means that his units are usable via triggers and such, but are not visible in the Data Editor.

If you load the Stetmann dependency directly from Blizzard servers, you get a bunch of actor duplication errors because the dependency is being loaded twice, once by the ‘Include.xml’ and the other by the Stetmann mod.

This makes it a pain to include Stetmann for those using StarCOOP, and the other alternative is manually importing the StarCOOP and Stetmann XMLs without relying on the dependency.

Please either give us an option to disable the ‘Include.xml’ from StarCOOP or make the Stetmann units visible in Data Editor.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="US-ASCII"?>

-<Includes id="Mods/StarCoop/StarCoop.SC2Mod">

<Path value="Mods/StarCoop/Commanders/EgonStetmann.SC2Mod"/>



So you can still modify the unit data in your own custom map using the Stetmann dependencies using XMLs. So I retract my original statement of it being “broken”, but rather just terribly inconvenient for anyone trying to work with the new units.

At the moment, to reliably make changes you would need to make a copy of the map, load the Stetmann mod so you can see the units/actors, make the modifications there, and then copy and paste the XMLs over to the map without the mod once you’re done.

My apologies, and thanks to Terin for pointing this out for me.

i agree. on the other hand, i could not write just i agree because of the character minimum.

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I’m a visual learner, are there any videos showing me the steps to fix this? I’ve only recently been messing with the editor (I did back in the day but a lot has changed), so am pretty much new at it again. If not even pics showing the steps would be really helpful. Thank you.

It would be a really big bonus if they’d simply fix the units not being visible in editor…

I can confirm that Mengsk’s dependency has exactly the same issue.