StarCraft II Crashing when loading game

Hello everyone. I’m currently having trouble with StarCraft II loading into any game version.

Whenever I launch any game mode the following error pops up after reaching about 50% loading.
“Files in your StarCraft II installation are damaged”
Error Code - 16C8F1D5-100D-4FA5-AF31-EBC6B272BE8D

Troubleshooting steps taken:
Uninstalled / Re-Installed both StarCraft II and Battle Net Launcher
Scanned and repaired files
Excluded folder from firewall
Excluded StarCraft II folder from firewall
Insured that Firewall Rules are set to allow StarCraft II to passthrough
Insured that Firewall Rules are set to allow Battle Net Launcher to passthrough
Modified registry for Battle NET and StarCraft II permissions to have Full Control.
Updated all computer drivers on both Motherboard (including BIOS) and GPU
Ran StarCraft II in Window Mode / Full Screen / Full Screen Borderless

Even after performing all of these actions no matter what I do, the game will still crash.

Current Computer Specifications:
CPU - Intel i7-10700K
RAM - 32GB Corsair DDR4 3200HZ (set as XMP in BIOS for full utilization)
MotherBoard - MSI Z490 ACE
Graphics - MSI RTX 3070 TI
Main Drive - x2 Samsung 980 EVO M.2 PCIE gen 3 SSD (Raid 0)
Additional Drives - FireCuda 2TB Drive / Samsung 2TB SSD
Operating System - Windows 11 (64Bit)

Can anyone assist with this?

Nine times out of 10 the damaged file is the settings file under documents. The most common cause of which is bad synced dat via Onedrive as a lot of system run onedrive which by default manages the documents folder on the system.

Onedrive can interfere with and corrupt the settings data for Starcraft. This can happen if Onedrive is set to manage the folder where the settings variable resides in your Documents folder for Windows. Open Onedrive (re-enable if you disabled it) go into settings and deselect the Starcraft Folders under documents so that Onedrive does not try to manage them. Then exit one drive and delete the CSettings.json under Starcraft (Or Variables.txt under Starcraft II) Empty the recycle bin then attempt to launch the game again.


I have exactly the same issue as Minipie and did all the same steps.
I also had a support ticket, but the answer was basically like: I see you didnt do the steps in the forums (wich I did), you have to many open tasks (on a fresh system? installed last week), you have a lot of overlays active (don’t know what he exactly meant).

Now I tried your fix. The folder was actually found in the Onedrive folders. After I did the steps in Onedrive I wanted to delete the “variables.txt” file under Starcraft 2, but I cant find them.

Any ideas?

Have a nice day everyone.

The settings file is located under the documents folder. The documents folder is specific to your windows user profile. (Each Windows account you log into a system with will have its own folder under USERS.

If the documents folder was managed under onedrive, it would be under Onedrive. If it is not, it will be under your User name.

C:\Users"YourWindowsUserName"\Documents\Starcraft II\


C:\Users"YourWindowsUserName"\OneDrive\Documents\StarCraft II\

The core issue is typically that variables file being corrupted, what caused the corruption can vary but having it managed by one drive is the usual reason. Once that file is deleted and you ensure the documents folder is not being managed by one drive, you should be good to login and play. (This is based on the crash reports your client has sent us.)

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Yes. It was OneDrive.
Thanks a lot!

I had the same problem and I checked my onedrive and my starcraft 2 documents folder and the settings file was in neither place.

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