StarCraft II 4.12.1 Patch Notes

StarCraft II 4.12.1 Patch Notes

Patch 4.12.1 has arrived. Check out the detail!

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You guys really read the forum :smiley:



Sometimes :wink:

On that note, there is apparantly a bug with replays on the new patch?

Wait… What is this patch… No Terran nerf? But the zerg community is crying! It’s been almost one week with the slight Terran buff patch!!! BALANCE TEAM COME ON!!! We need zerg buffz NOW! Even more armored ultralisk and terran delete will be the good start!

Base79998 seems to be missing in the system. Replays from Patch 4.12.0 currently can’t be started.

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I am surprised that after more than 2 years, the issue of War Chest lagging on Macs have not been fixed. Come on, this is a paid feature. We are not even talking about other fixes where people are not coughing up money.

Plus, it has already been confirmed in a Blue post that it is a problem on Macs. When are we going to get the fix?!

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