StarCraft II 4.12.0 Patch Notes

That’s because you don’t understand the difference between balance and winning a tournament

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Stop balance whining then.

Next time just say “I have no idea what I’m talking about”


Coming from someone who didn’t see any issues with 7 zerg premier tournament wins in a row.

I guess you’re not that sharp

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balance and winning a tournament dont overlap? I’ll remember than when terran starts winning tournaments and you complain.

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You can’t see how one player’s performance doesn’t represent an entire race? lol, is this really debatable?

5 different zerg players won 7 premier tournament wins in a row.

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Thanks for the heads up. Time to test this on a large scale ! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m also under the impression that you readjusted the MMR league tiers back to how they were before season 1. I kinda liked to have D3 at 3360 MMR, 3200 will promote players that may be a bit more irregular in their skills. And changing league tiers too often spoils the promotes at one hand (since triggering patchpromotes), and makes the leagues less readable on another.

Anyway, awaiting for the next community feedback to share views with the team after some weeks ! :smiley:

Is it true that zerg is being abandoned by players? Nobody wants to play it anymore. And I agree. It has been overnerfed. And now players are leaving the game or switching race according to rankedftw. com. Especially low league players. Why would blizzard want to unbalance the game and make one race impossible to play? That is not very fair!

“One” meaning the one player who wins the tournament. I can see you’re not capable of understand what I’m saying so I’ll just stop.

Don’t blame your illegible sentences on me.

You seem to love the cherry picker fallacy. Thoussnds of players are fleeing zerg like it is the plague but you say zerg won 7 tournaments so it is op. That is a nonsense. 7 is not big enough sample size. Especially with high variance. Which your sample has. I have read you are a biological researcher? Please treat sc more like biology. And use facts and logic but not emotions to make your opinions.

We’ve already talked about this before Batz, but that “low sample” size is also all we have to go by. No one cares about bronze league. Blizzard already note that many of their balance decisions are made from watching the pro scene…so sorry the “sample size” is too low for an insignificant forum dweller who isn’t a pro anyway but for some reason devotes their life to protect zerg for 0 gain anyway.