StarCraft II 10th Anniversary Game Updates

StarCraft II 10th Anniversary Game Updates

To commemorate an incredible decade of comradery in the Koprulu Sector, we’re introducing some player-requested features to the game, along with a few extras we hope you’ll enjoy.

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sounds like more multiplayer changes coming to the races again. I am not too surprised.

  • Countdown to Start Timer
    Choose Game Server in Custom Lobbies
    New Campaign Achievements

Ahh, the ladder countdown. I’ve been expecting it from a long time. Great ! :smiley:

3 seconds is too long. needs to be 2 seconds.

Editor changes looks nice but lack of new content sucks. I would have much prefered new commander/map/difficulty for Coop over prestige.

Hopefully others will enjoy this and it will bring fresh air to SC2.

why didnt you guys add this earlier?

Happy 10th Birthday Starcraft 2!!

Can’t wait until the Coop prestiege patch is added after the bug fixes. Very fun update in ptr, great and lots of variety and something for everyone. Only concern are the ptr has a few bugs first. (Mostly Stetman’s BC lords and Oil Spill supposedly crashing, Dogwalker Odin hard coded to yoink and teleport Tychus when medivaced, and Stukov +200% bunker buff causing old stukov +3500 unit lag lol), but it’s a great update i can’t wait!

Out of curiosity, after this, will this be the last update for Sc2 / Coop, or will there still be minor updates or added in prestiege options or comps or waves or fan maps / content or options to have units added? I’ve been always hyped up for a Tosh or a overmind commander or Zerg/Protoss Tychus like gameplay with customizable hero units and cool abilities. Im so excited for the updated! But will this be the last one before it goes out with a bang or any possibility of fan or community made content being added in the future if official devwork ceases?

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The patch is now live on the main server.

Hopefully there will be more updates–until Blizzard specifically says they won’t be adding more co-op content, I wouldn’t put it past them to add a new map, or commander, whatnot, whether it be in a year or 2 years (hopefully sooner).

Wow, people really do have complain about everything.

Also super hyped for White-ra. Loved watching him in WOL.


Never trust people that have always something negative to say. Out of respect for the work of the Developer Team people should express the deserved appreciation.


it was complained about before so they decided against it to implement it. I believe one of the complaints was that 3 seconds was too long

I wonder what they could do in their lives with that extra second.

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I couldn’t care less for the whole screen (it be 3 or 300 sec), it’s just a choreographic change without weight for the game.
A change in MMS (Match-Making System) with per-MU MMR and ability for the game to exploit multi-core processors would be the real deal.
The first it is easy to im[plement (a change in MMR algorithm without the need for creating 6 queues (PvP, TvT, ZvZ, PvZ, PvT, TvZ), the second is extremely difficult to achieve…

10 years ago wuz diamond in beta and ealry WoL, that was the highest league back then. You could all in as Terran you could punish Z and Protoss the way Protoss could do that till this day. Now is a completely different game, an expandcraft.

Esports are refugee camps. The red-light district is usually close to the refugee camp.
Sorry…I just told you my opinion. Of course, I will respect your opinion if you think it’s good that red-light district is closed to your home.

I’m REALLY excited for this update :smiley: Everything here is something I find interesting for one reason or another. A few updates I hope for down the line, though… Let us choose what to download. I’d love to cut the campaign data from my laptop, since I have limited storage space. I’d prefer to be able to download all official maps and multiplayer data instead (this used to sort of exist, but was removed, I know). Master Chief Collection had the right idea, with letting players choose what data sticks on their machine.
I’d also love an offline LAN mode. I often find myself without internet for one reason or another, but would still love to play with friends locally. I know an offline mode exists, but AFAIK, you can only play solo in custom games or against AI.
Honestly, make those things happen, and SC2 is basically perfect in my eyes.

Can’t you just take some time to let Blizzard make a new campagin about Artanis or protoss? Do you think I’m the persons who doesn’t want to pay and break into blizzard and rob their artworks? DLC, please, at least. Ah…Damn, whatever, I can’t force artists to draw because I don’t want to get the same garbage as Tencent games.

can we use this anniversary to add ignore user back to the forums?

It won’t take effect on the Mars server until tomorrow.
*Would you like to see the Red Alert 2 campaign reforged in StarCraft ii ? *

I couldnt care less about the custom maps btw… and while Ive used the map editor, I dont see any useful features in it. All are directed at making some war3 systems… you gonna what make war3 maps in SC2? there’s war3 go to it if one likes it. So with all these systems made for war3 I dont see a point,

Also im not rechewing campaigns ive completed several years ago and i dont care about achievements at all… to replay anything just for them

Also… they decided 10 years later to make the editor easier… 10 years?? lol people moved on. It is a mindset though, the game being ‘hard’ did not stop me from playing it and the editor being the way it was did not stop me from making things I wanted as im also making stuff for games… So im even more used to having the editor as its been so far than using any of these systems.

so yeah who is this made for? the people that asked for ez editor and have long quit? omegalul