Starcraft 3 hopes

Any possibility of this…ever??

About 6 month ago Blizzard stated that this is not in their interest.

I would also like to see. Because SC2 has lot of old things straigt from SC1, but with new pathing, quick fights, more powerfull spells, faster and stronger eco, new units is a Big mess!!! And all Blizzard does is 10HP there/-10HP there… its not balancing! Its lazy sh.tting

May as well. Starcraft 2 is crap.

I was never very good in ladder, never even made gold, but i really enjoyed the campaigns, from the original to bw and all of sc2, thats what I really miss…

Not in near future. As for allrdy leaked blizzcon contend, blizz will announce diablo4, diablo2 remastered and overwatch 2

If you win Blizzcon we can talk Showtime.