Starcraft 2 not responidng

After maintenance and launcher update yesterday “March 14th” I cannot load StarCraft 2. I click play the game loads like normal I see the commanders and such “If video is turned off” and just before the game would load to menu where you see all the tabs it just freezes. It takes 10-20mins to get it to shut down and I cannot open task manager till it closes I have to use task bar from 2nd monitor to close the game. Had to use pastebin for my Dxdiag as character limit was over max. img of where it freezes
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same long freezing suddenly today but if I don’t do anything else and just wait a few minutes the game loads up just fine

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Wish mine would do anything after a few mins I watch it in a pre loaded task manager and it says “not responding” and locks my pc up from loading anything for about 10 mins or so till it’ll let me close the game be it end game or clicking the X from mousing over icon on 2nd monitors taskbar.

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replays also freeze when MBs are fully loaded, the cursor turns into the spinning blue circle and after about 3 minutes everything is normal again

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same I am having the same problem and using 2 monitors as well like FyiTab. i’m sitting here in panic thinking of my last ladder 1v1 hoping it wont be the last one until storm gate. Thats assuming that game scratches the SC 2 itch… :frowning: even rolled back nvidia thinking it was the recent update

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I’m having the exact same problem with a dual montior setup as well. I had played fine early in the morning of the 14th, then it started happening by late afternoon after I got home from running errands. I originally thought it was my video drivers, SC2 cache, or Bnet cache as well as trying to reinstall the game. I, then, tested it on my other computer, which is a single monitor setup, and it still hung in the same spot for about 2-3 minutes straight.

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I’m also having a similar issue after the last maintenance patch where the game loads to where we can see the three commanders then it hard crashes for me forcing me to hold down my power button to turn the computer off to get out of the game screen.

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Hey everyone,

Thank you for reporting these sudden issues with delayed launching. This behavior with the client is commonly caused by outdated antivirus software, so be sure that you’ve fully updated security software you have installed. If that doesn’t work, try temporarily removing the security software, then reboot your computer and retest.

Note: Some security programs may be difficult to uninstall. ESET maintains a comprehensive list of common antivirus uninstallation tools on their website.

Same thing happening to me on two different computers. Reinstalled/Repaired multiple times, tried different install drives, even redid Windows on my main PC (it needed it anyways). After redoing windows, it started to load, I watched the cinematic but when I hit Escape to end it early, that’s when it froze up. Same issue as others, if you watch Task Manager, it goes to Not Responding almost immediately and locks the computer up. On my laptop i have to hard reset. On my PC with a second screen, i can move my mouse and End the Process. takes a couple of minutes for SC2 to close down. started happening to me yesterday. Wouldn’t make sense that it’s AV, but i tried SC2 after a fresh Windows install with no luck.

No this is not caused by an outdated av since I know mine isn’t outdated nor is it blocking the game I had 0 issues till your last patch to client. It’s funny I 100% knew this would be the answer I’d get from support here…

Anti virus does not seem to be the issue at all as mine is not outdated nor is it interfering with the game my issue is even more troublesome then others it seems as I cant launch any battle net games without this issue coming up and it all started with that last update I like others have done everything possible on my end from uninstalling the games to scan and repair to completely uninstalling battle net and all games and reinstalling from scratch and none of that fixes the issue.

FyiTab - While I appreciate your contribution to the thread, a quick search on Bitdefender’s community pages and similar reports indicate that Bitdefender is in fact causing this freezing behavior with games and programs–even those that aren’t Blizzard games.

As technical support, we help with gathering information and troubleshooting, but we are not the developers. We assist with technical issues that can be resolved through troubleshooting and present workarounds if available. In this case, the common denominator we’re seeing is Bitdefender running on systems reporting this issue. Since we can’t assist with troubleshooting third-party software, we’re left with suggesting that you fully update or temporarily remove it from the system as a potential workaround. The other option is to troubleshoot the antivirus software yourself or work with that software vendor’s support for assistance.

I see thank you it does seem bitdefender was the issue once I turned bitdefender’s virus protections off the games launched without issue although its still strange that only after the last update for battle net that this issue appeared for me.

OK, sorry for all the deleted/edited posts. I’ve been trying to dig into finding EXACTLY what’s causing the problem, and I finally did. Ever since the SC2 update, if you’re running Bitdefender and you have “exploit detection” activated in “Advanced Threat Defense”, that’s what causes the hang. As soon as I shut that off, SC2 started to boot correctly. I don’t know what’s causing it to trigger the exploit detection, but at least I found what’s causing SC2 to hang.

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I’m here to also eat my words. It was indeed Bitdefender causing the issue.

Ok I’ll respond again and try not to hurt Skelgarer feelings this time. OK so you read my posted file that blizz asks for great but I also tried without bitdefender so that is not my issue… Now before you go and blame onedrive I will inform you I do not use it and nothing is synced to it. So without being trigged and silencing me again so I can’t get support how about giving something that would help.

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