Starcraft 2 crashing as it is trying to log in

1022D994-19E6-4D17-B797-866707DA24D2 report id. I have tried everything and I can’t get the game to work.

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Hey bigcountry,

Are you using OneDrive?

If so, see this article on how to unsync your “Documents” folder, or just your “Starcraft II” folder (inside your Documents folder) from OneDrive.

74BF2460-4CFF-434F-8412-44509C095B3F for me and i’m using C drive. I’ve scanned and repaired and uninstalled and reinstalled - crashing at logging in…

Please help - never used to have an issue :frowning:

Hey aussieshents,

See my post above.

Thank you but I don’t see how that helps? it is installed locally

SC2 isn’t compatible with the alterations that OneDrive makes to the local file system.

I’m not saying it’s OneDrive causing the problem in your case. I just suggest it as something to check for when people have crashes on launch.

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