Spoiler, Your prediction for the winner of the GSL? who you cheering for?

So far I see a lot of cheers for Paring, and also Inno as the favored.

As understand Parting is the favor to take out TY?

Any predictions on the style and results of ty vs parting?

I am curious if TY is going to go 1 or 2 games in Bo5 Mech, it will be risky against parting.
Parting will probably try his signature blink stalker high pressure in to 3 Nexii, at least 1 or 2 games. (as we seen how powerful it is vs Maru games).

One things for sure a lot of people want to see Parting in the grand finals.

TY is favored much like how Maru is favored, just to a lesser degree, but I personally think Parting is capable of pulling an upset, and I also hope he does because I don’t want to watch a TvT final because it is very boring.

did you cheered for Scarlett Dark, Zest, ??
At least we had Scarlett in the RO16.

I cheered for Zest, Soo and Special, none did qualify in the Ro 8.

zvz, can be fun to watch if the players make it fun.

pvp. same.


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I really the Maru vs Inno epic 3-2 bo5. Non stop action, harassment, multitasking.

TvT there are so many harassment options, it can be sometimes fine, if players don’t macro or go into mech.

did charlie from it’s always sunny write this? :stuck_out_tongue:

Zest then Dark(mostly because race representation imbalance)(I play Protoss)

I love Parting,he is deadly but unstable
He is able to defeat the strongest players but he also loses to players you’ll never expect

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cure prob win

in terms of skill… probably

  1. cure
  2. innovation
  3. ty
  4. parting

although a big part of me wants parting to win it wont happen. dark getting upset by TY is really retarded and ruined the season imo. proxy 2 rax is really insane, its the go to “i cant beat this guy” build and yeah cannon rush might be annoying but 2 rax even puts you ahead when you fail, its crazy

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TY’s gonna have to play bio for that. Parting’s agression is super good vs mech.

OMG, if it is Spinal Disk Herniation then God helps him. The pain and suffering from that is immense. He needs to drop some weight ASAP to decrease the load on his spine. I know that it is not a therapy but it will help even a little bit.

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PartinG will win. :smiley:

Whoever wins Innovation vs Parting will win.
Kind of rooting for both. Just want good games.

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Yea a herniated disc can cause severe pain and decreases quality of life. Hopefully it’s truly just a bulging disc and not a herniated disc. Medical name for bulging disc is disc protrusion, which is distinct from disc herniation (both are different types of degenerative disc disease differentiated by the layers involved). A bulging disc could develop into a true disc herniation though

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According to the forum balance, I will be expecting that Protoss won’t be the winner of GSL.
Since TvZ is 54% Terran favored, I think it will be a Terran who win GSL.
But who know, maybe someone like Serral can open our eyes once more.

Everything could happen. In a BO5 or BO7 it can go both ways (depending even by the current status of players) but i guess in a BO101 Inno could take 60 games from Parting.
Inno is a solid and extraordinary strong player. He is the Terran Serral.

I think anything is possible but realistically we are looking at who is going to play Innovation in the finals. He is 30-9 all time in series vs Cure, and in their last 10 series he is 8-2, so statistically he’s very favoured and I can’t see him dropping the ball tbh, his TvT has looked good, and he’s got a 71.43% win rate at the moment (over 60 games).

Either way I think either of TY or Parting should make for a good finals. Innovation vs TY is possibly the best TvT you could ask for really, they are dead even, 35-34 games (Innovation - TY) and 12-12 series all time. Parting always has crazy games so not really much more to be said other than I’m excited :smiley:


It’s been a long time, go Innovation for a well deserved GSL win! Return to the throne

In term of skill :

  1. Innovation
  2. TY
  3. Parting
  4. Cure
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As much as I want to see Parting in the finals, because of how entertaining he is, I really want to see the two brothers, TY and Innovation, duke it out in the finals.

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Much as I hate Parting, I do love watching him in tournaments.