Sorry to bother, but give us a try (:

Hello Sc2 community,
I know there are a lot of clans and teams out there, but give us a different look.
I made Dream Gaming (dreamG) with an idea of an intimate tight knit group of players looking to get better at the game. Of course goals include clan wars/etc.
However, for now, I would love to add members who believe in mature behavior, kindness, and having fun. Thank you for your time guys and girls (:smile:

Add Alexander#1128 (Battlenet)
Discord: Alexanderz#2148

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What region are you based in? If based in NA, I’m interested. Used to have a group of people to play/practice with, but it disbanded as people stopped playing.

yah NA add me (: i have my info above

Hi Alexander,

I’m a plat 2 NA player looking to improve and be apart of a team. Let me know if you have room for me. Thanks!

Can I join? I’m a plat 3 toss and I play sc2 a lot since the past 2 months. And I’m looking to improve too.

Hey Alexander I added you in game, I’d like to join if you wouldn’t mind. Thank you, I hope you have a good day!