So last time I played was Heart of the Swarm Release

and now I come back to swarm hosts that are garbage, brood lords that are garbage, no infested terran, and ultras are still just as garbage now as they were in wings of liberty despite terran now getting teleporting battle cruisers that fire while moving, and carriers suddenly being good I guess. It seems after 2 expansion packs zerg still are forced to use the same armies they did in wings of liberty, while having a worse late game. The only new unit that seems effective is the lurker, but I don’ see them in nearly as many games as I do liberators, and widow mines, and firebats.

What the heck? How has blizzard flubbed this so badly?


Serral and Reynor started dominating and Blizzard wants to slow them down not matter how much it hurts every other Zerg

Lol dude if you left at the start of HoTS and still hate the game when you come back after so long it’s obvious that this game just isn’t for you.

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i like the gameplay, I’d just like it more if so many of zerg’s units weren’t trash. The very least they could do is like make ultras spread creep when they walk, for 200 gas they deserve to do something cool. a tier 4 upgrade for swarmhosts that decreases their cool down would maybe make them a bit more fun.

They should be able to kill T1 units by walking over them.

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Let us evolve them into Omegalisk. :bug:

i’d be happy if i can upgrade my zergling in thermagaunts, also add ravener, genestealers and hive tyrants … oh wrong game =P