Smurfing ruining games

almost every game i play in high plat or low diamond is people smurfing.

i’ve played off and on since sc1 came out.

about to throw starcraft out. its not fun to play 5 or 6 games in a row where i have no chance to win, and i don’t know i’m getting smurfed until 10-15mins into the game. its a complete waste of time.


Same buddy. I feel you. Blizzard wont do :poop: about it. Just spam multiple accounts or drop your MMR on purpose to bully people in lower leagues. Seems like the only way to bypass those morons is just to “get better” and escape this toxic MMR range - 3000 - 3400.

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Meh, personally, I’ve always taken smurfing as a challenge: get better at the game and wreck them. Smurfs typically aren’t good players…it’s why they smurf, lol.

Also, they might look like a smurf but they could just be a returning player or something. I mean I probably look like a smurf, my PvT win rate is around 95% using macro…but I’m not making new accounts, purposely losing, etc. It’s just match making being…not the best.


seriously this is the worst, the match making is shtty too. 100% of the time i play someone who is unranked, they are smurfs.

eh i’d say 50% of the ranked games are against smurfs

its almost every game that i get smurfed now.

100% of unranked losers are smurfing.

4 games in a row all smurfs

5 games now,

i baneling busted this loser and won. he has a alt account to lose games to. what a pathetic loser

6 games in a row against ppl smurfing on new unranked accounts

literally every game

i just played some loser that highest was master and he smurfed his way to bronze 1

What makes you think you are gettibng smurfed? Are you a macro player or an all in player? In low diamond/plat, players might be good at micro but bad at macro and vice versa. Maybe you are facing a bunch of players who are good at something you are weak against.

do you even know what smurfing is?

the guys have gold or bronze rank with highest achieved masters… and they lose games to alts on purpose you can see it in their match history

So if they are gold then why are you facing them in diamond?

just played another.

silver rank,

highest achieved masters… played really good. obviously not silver 1

all their games are unranked against other unranked alts

I’m the same MMR as you and I can’t even remeber the last time I faced a smurf. And don;t look at the badge. It doesn’t mean anything. Even you have a Masters badge.

if you’re denying there are smurfs than you’re probably doing it. they’re the same MMR because they lose games on purpose to their alts to lower it. derp

the last game i played was the first in 8 in a row that wasn’t a smurf. he was actually my rank

this game, guy left at beginning to lower MMR.
sometimes this happens up to 10 times in a row

Lol ya man they are all smrufing just so they can beat you. It’s weird how high plat and low dianond have the most complainers. Why is that?

wow 2 games in a row without a smurf. new record

you’re probably smurfing thats why you make these posts like everyone else doesn’t know exactly whats going on.

like the guys that go on FPS forums and say they’ve played 10000 games and no one ever hacked