Smurf are big problem

Please start banning smurfs its not funny losing because some clown doesnt wanna play on master or gm elo.


i rarely if ever see smurfs in ladder


I recently started playing again. Previously Diamond, now plat. my recent matches are about 50% vs smurfs. It’s hard to not tilt after a few matches.

You must be lying or bronze league then. I decided to make a new account a while back and get it to my real MMR. 4k was a harder MMR to break than 4.8k because of all the smurfs.

I see similar problem in diamond league. Diamond 3 players are equally skilled (if not better than diamond 2). I would say some dia 3 are literally on par with dia 1.

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??? if the profile has less than 500 games on the account, it’s a smurf.

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Great job.

Has Blizzard every officially said that they don’t ban smurfs, even if they are reported?

Always wondered about that.

Naw, but you gotta go through the leagues on a new account, they start you out at bronze league.

Dude, you created a new account and leveled it, rather than playing your old one. That’s a smurf.

Okay, you get to my level. Have a bunch of people constantly snipe you and keep using the same account like a moron, or make a new one and spend 20 games MAYBE outside of masters. son.

What’s your problem ? If you say you’re 5k (which is lie btw) then you shouldn’t have any problems dealing with people of similar MMR. How many mid-top GM smurfs are on M1/low GM ?


All of them for sure. Everyone has an alt account a league lower than their main, its basic standard sc2 at this point.

Dude we are at the same MMR… My best is 200 higher than yours, you’re like 50 higher than where I sit on EU where I usually play.

Artosis? It’s an honor.

So I’m a smurf then? I don’t think i have 500 games in ranked but then again i haven’t played ranked since WoL

i dont give a **** about smurfing. just dont let them touch the ladder.

what kind of backwards world does blizzard live in?


Microsoft please ban the smurfs.

I’ll 2nd that! It’s very toxic.

My friend, never going to happen. I am sorry.