Since I updated SC2 to 5.0.9 it won't open?

Hello everyone, I need help. Since the new patch came out I of course downloaded it but the issue is now when I launch SC2 it “quits unexpectedly” and if I “reopen” it afterwards it says “file cannot be found”

Please help!

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Same problem here.
After uhn-teen tries it doesn’t even bother with the unexpected error message anymore, just quits to desktop like nothing happened.
Console does not generate crash reports.

Changed Computer name - no luck
scanned/repaired/reinstalled - no luck
Deleted folder - noooo luck
Sacked virus scanning software - nope

MBP 2018 15" big sur Radeon Pro 555X 4 GB

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So you cannot play??

I updated to 5.0.9 and was able to fix it but I can’t exactly recall what I had to do though I will say, it was very strange to fix.

I essentially had to set starcraft 2 from my current PC account to another PC account on my PC. I.E I had to make a whole new account strictly for SC2 and reinstall the game from there AFTER I did some other work around which involved right clicking SC2 and then going to “get info” and then doing something with the bottom part that says like “read and write” etc… I don’t even know to be honest I can’t remember.